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Anybody being to the "Popular Mechanics debunking conspiracy theories" page recently. Apart from their inaccurate scientific analysis,I noticed their picture just after the second twin tower collapsed.The picture is credited to the New York Office of Emergency Management.First of all,the picture is quiet high up,could it be from an aircraft of some sort or helicopter???Second of all how did the New York Office of Emergency Management take these photos,if amid all the chaos of the day,they had to move their office?? And thirdly,is there any more pictures available from this angle, as it may provide clues into how the spire collapsed,seeing that the section is still visible in this picture.Can anyone shed any light?

I just went over and posted.

I just went over and posted.

If you have a minute, submit a review for popmech's new version of their 9/11 book.



It is ridiculous that you have to be a registered user on facebook just to post a comment at the PM site. Otherwise I would have posted there.

PM article

I read the poplular mechanics page from the link, shyam sunder states ""When you have a significant portion of a floor collapsing, it's going to shoot air and concrete dust out the window," he forgot to mention that there were also multi-ton wall units and steel beams flying our horizontally at over 50mph. To be able to generate ungodly huge clouds of concrete dust, just by crushing, come on. Is there any way through testing that anyone could get a concrete block to turn into a cloud of dust? There is no way you can crush it that would cause that.

The best site in my opinion to give to people about the collapse is csi911 dot info because it makes a great scientific case that the collapse/crush scenario could never generate the force need to hurl wall units out of the building and create the immense clouds of dust, among many other characteristics of the event.

OEM Photos

OEM was an offshoot of the NYPD. These photos are from an NYPD helicopter. Part of a series of many hi-res photos taken all around the site.

OEM's command center in WTC7 was evacuated after 9am. That evacuation had little to do with the functioning of the NYPD which had other ways of communicating.

Keep digging and requesting records from the agencies. They have many more.