The Power Principle - Metanoia
"A gripping, deeply informative account of the plunder, hypocrisy, and mass violence of plutocracy and empire; insightful, historically grounded and highly relevant to the events of today." - Michael Parenti, Historian, Author The Face of Imperialism

Part I - Empire

An Introduction to the Empire; Iran – Oil and Geopolitics; Guatemala – the “merger of state and corporate power”; The Congo – Neocolonialism; Grenada – “The Mafia Doctrine”; Chile – “libertarianism with a small l"; Globalization: Consequences.

1945: Grand Area Strategy; Fascism: a “rational system of the plutocracy”; Case Studies: the Greek Communists; The Italian Communists; the Spanish Anarchists; Fascism’s Western backers; Trading with the Enemy; Fascism as “preservation of civilization”; the Cold War and “A Century of Fear”.

Part II – Propaganda

The Soviet Menace?; Case Studies: El Salvador, Nicaragua; Propaganda: Self-Deception and blowback; The “International Communist Conspiracy”; Declassified Documents; NSC 68; The Pentagon as Keynsian Mechanism; The Military Industrial Complex; The War against the Third World; Shifting rationales; What is imperialism?; Case Study: Haiti; “War is a racket”.

Fear-based conditioning - The War of the Worlds, The Triumph of the Will; World view Warfare; The Russians are coming; Television: The “perfect propaganda medium”; Soviet vs. American propaganda; Hollywood and the Pentagon; Psywarriors and the media; Operation Mockingbird; The Pentagon Pundits; Project Revere; The Bomber Gap; “scare the hell out of them”.

Part III – Apocalypse

Mutually Assured Destruction; MAD men - Curtis Lemay and the super hawks; MAD men - Hermann Kahn and the Rand Corporation; Over flights as provocation; Cuba: the “danger of a good example”; terrorism against Cuba; “Unconventional warfare”; the Cuban Missile Crisis and the “man who saved the world”.

Why did the Soviet Union collapse?; Gorbachev: a “more violent, less stable world”; the Pentagon’s New Map; Did Ronald Reagan end the Cold War?; The Brink of Apocalypse: Able Archer; The betrayal of Russia; The expansion of NATO; Yugoslavia and Libya; the Yeltsin coup; Living standards in the former Soviet Union; A third way?

Postscript: The Power Principle. A gripping, deeply informative account of the plunder, hypocrisy, and mass violence of plutocracy and empire; insightful, historically grounded and highly relevant to the events of today

From the Greek – to perceive, to think, the result of perceiving or observing – metanoia means “a change of mind.”

In Theology, metanoia is used to refer to the change of
mind which is brought about in repentance.

The prefix “meta-” carries with it other variants that are
consistent with the Eastern Greek philosophical mindset,
“Meta-” is additionally used to imply “beyond” and “outside of.”
E.g., metamorphosis as a beyond-change; and, metaphysics as
outside the limits of physics.

The Greek term for repentance, metanoia, denotes a change of mind, a
reorientation, a fundamental transformation of outlook, of an individual’s vision of the
world and of her/himself, and a new way of loving others and the Universe. In the words of a
second-century text, The Shepherd of Hermas, it implies “great understanding,” discernment.

In Carl Jung’s psychology, metanoia indicates a spontaneous attempt of the psyche to heal itself of
unbearable conflict by melting down and then being reborn in a more adaptive form.

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The Power Principle - I: Empire, Metanoia-films (Noam Chomsky et al.)

the above link is incorrect. It takes you to talks by Alan Watts (Eastern Thought). They are great too.


Also by Scott Noble- Metanoia

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Human Resources (remastered)

Lifting the Veil

Between ISM and Anarchy

ISM: Communism or Fascism, pick your poison, both created and cultivated by finance elite in an attempt to create a system of order over the masses void of justice as the center piece of order, and to establish a long lasting legacy of might as right. Histories of fascism and communism go deeper than 1920's Frankfurt School. The Civil War in the U.S.A. was an earlier proto model of the two systems being put into play with Lincoln playing the part of the Fascist and the Jefferson Davis as the Communist. Lincoln and his Industrialist supporters preferred to unleash the slaves from their responsibility, pay them a pittance and let them provide their own housing, food and health care, and rule over the lot with pestilence, poverty and police/military oppression; Jefferson Davis and his European Oligarchical supporters preferred complete control and management of every aspect of the slaves' lives (housing, food and health care) , and with chains and whips to keep measure. Total freedom, Anarchy, is the complete opposite of both systems (ISM). A balance between Anarchy and ISM is a Constitutional Republic which levels the playing field for all of us with a system of justice as our societal guide and allows the opportunity for any man to determine his own fate (note; many will succeed and many will fail).