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This is a newly posted 2-page essay on reaching out to Americans - beyond the Internet. Note that at the bottom there are two sets of links. One set is to videos with John Perkins, on "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man". The other is a set of links to sites on investigations into the events of 9/11.

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I first became politically active back in 2003, when I felt disenfranchised watching a majority in congress vote to invade Iraq, and when I heard one Howard Dean speak out against that war. I heard my voice on that particular act of congress.

I began to use the Internet to gain access to hundreds of publications via search engines, researching topics at my own fingerprints. I began to conduct my own investigations. As the months and years rolled on, I came to know, increasingly, how different the real world was from what the mainstream media and news sources would say. Today, I know that the truth, in wholesale, is just not being displayed.

There are potentially hundreds of millions of Americans today who still live inside of an American MSM cocoon – a world within a world of almost complete fabrication. Week after week and month after month it goes on. There are those millions of Americans who know more, and there are those millions of Americans who do not. More specifically and as a long story made short, where I have traversed thousands of pages of information as produced by hundreds of sources, I would rather simply ask Americans to find, watch and read John Perkins, on the Confessions of an Economic Hit Man. There will be an avalanche of data to find and to follow – all of which is far more specific and substantive.

In 2006, it seemed that there was just enough consciousness in this country to flip the dominant party in congress – to express, at that time, public dissent in the face of the tyrannical powers of the day. In 2008, it seemed that there was just enough consciousness in this country to flip the dominant party in the White House to perhaps more greatly express popular dissent. In the race of 2012, it appeared that large fields and stadiums were filled across America by supporters of the Ron Paul presidential campaign, but in many states, large blocks of voters were tossed out, results were blacked out, and corruption prevailed in primaries and caucuses across the country.

I fear that the biggest hurdle toward gaining a critical mass of American dissent now comes in the form of distinctly separate information spheres. I can see, when going from one Internet site to the next, political savvy on the Internet in general tends to be significantly better when compared to the savvy of those who do not use it. Unfortunately, a huge chunk of the US population does not do either of two things. For one, there are those who have not traveled outside of the mainstream cocoon. Secondly, there are those who have not been following current affairs at all.

I find the Internet to facilitate great success in facilitating a more informed people. Following up on the two points listed above, as a third point I have also become concerned about the effectiveness of progress that occurs at a desk in front of a keyboard and a monitor. This is a passive, armchair act. I’ve been operating in this passive mode for years – disseminating information, but I fear it has always in the same manner and to the same crowd.

I think that what has to happen now is to reach out and across from one information sphere to another. I also feel that it may be significantly more effective for us as Americans to find each other face-to-face. We can learn how to interact the old-fashioned way – in person. We can meet our neighbors and talk to them. We can reach out to the truly innocent people of this world and all of its countries – the civilians, and we can share with each other the wholesale and monstrous crimes being committed against the civilian populations of this world, as led by the powers that be in this world, ranging from the collective slaughter of millions of civilians, to the massive environmental casualties that will deform and kill millions more innocent lives in the decades to come, to the simple losses of individual liberties and gains in individual fears, in exchange for greater consolidation of power and control by today’s powers that be. Too many innocent Americans are ultimately responsible for massive crimes of manslaughter and destruction today with their silent support of the status quo.

I offer these words for your thoughts and consideration. I believe that it is time, if not having already done so, to consider reaching out across the lines of our informational spheres to one another, as fellow civilians, and to share some understanding of our common, human plight. Anyone who wishes to do so can reach out, as one civilian to another - as one human to another, to help in the sharing of what understanding that we may have gained – that a growing tyranny is upon us, such as in its search for World War III. This is what the powers that be are pushing for, in Syria and in Iran, and as they continue to grow more tyrannical with each passing day, they continue to grow closer the achieving levels of current and future destruction that we may not survive.

Mark G. Meyers

"Confessions of an Economic Hitman" - 4-minute interview with Amy Goodman, on "Democracy Now!"

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