Richard Gage New 10-minute Showcase Video Published on Dec 15, 2012

Richard Gage New 10-minute Showcase Video

Published on Dec 15, 2012

The showcase was pre--recorded for this third of three APCA conferences attended by AE911Truth because Gage was invited to testify concurrently at a pre--hearing for an international crimes

College Speaking Project Takes Off

College Speaking Project Takes Off

College Speaking Website

[EXCERPT] Written by Laura Katleman
"...Our first of three conferences in the effort to reach our new market was the APCA Northeast Regional Conference in Syracuse, New York. Richard, Dave, and I attended and found that most of the 44 schools in attendance..."

"...Richard gave the most powerful rapid presentation of the evidence as I had ever seen him give, and I’ve been to over a dozen now! During his talk, as I looked around the showcasing room of almost 200 college students and their advisers, not a single person was talking or texting. Their eyes were glued to the screen and their faces expressed a mix of incredulity and shock."

"Afterwards, our booth became a destination. According to several people who stopped by, Richard’s showcase was the buzz of the conference. Several were now texting their friends back home and calling their professors to relate the information that had turned their world upside down. Of the students and advisors who told us that they were interested in having Richard come to their campuses, most said that they needed to do more research into the subject before committing to a booking...."

I dearly hope

I dearly hope that these newly awakened will be able to withstand the next test that is surely in store for them--namely, the resistance and closed-mindedness of those with whom they try to share this information, particularly from those in a higher position of authority. It can be a very disillusioning and demoralizing process, as I'm sure people here well know.

Buck Up RM

"Resistance and closed-mindedness...," that is why you have Mahayana and Hinayana Buddhism (big boat and little boat). The Hinayana, or little boats, want to leave all the unenlightened behind because they just a'int gettin' it. But that is the way things go. I keep saying it is not just credulity we are fighting it is the whole gamut of built in intransigent dumbness of the culture. Think about all the broad logos you see on peoples clothes which Fran Lebowitz called "the trashiest idea ever." In the rare times I have had to go to the mall which was twice in two years, I was dumbfounded by people wearing like Aero Postale logos into the mall to buy more clothes that said Aero Postale , an iterative function. And of course you know they do this because of their love for Proust, Sartre and Baudelaire, right? It reminded me of a friend who said he couldn't go to the gym because he had "lost his cut." And this is what defines people now.

"lost his cut." ?

Try to imagine a world where people are PROGRAMMED for Brilliance, Openness, Integrity, Creativity. Compassion.

Now look at where we are and how we got here.



I remember

I remember that film, and liked it very much, but had forgotten how relevant that segment is.

RG Smoking!

Great job RG!

So much information is such a short time.
Go RG!

RG is at the point!

Patriots smile.

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This is a great video -- perfect outreach tool. The College Speaking Tour Project is one that Dave Slesinger and I have championed for years now. Many benefits to doing a speaking engagement on a college campus versus other venues:

1) The university has its own radio, newspaper that can promote the event to a literal city of students.
2) There is an opportunity to organize 9/11 student groups on campus.
3) Faculty can be directly challenged on the evidence and published peer-review papers.
4) The event can spark local and even national media coverage due to the controversy.
5) There is the opportunity to receive speaking fees.