Why All Americans Should Care About the Holy Land Foundation Case

Dallas area

Many of us in the North Texas area remember elements of this case. Incredible injustice to local families while some government prosecutors/agents were trying to appear as if they accomplished something important against the "war of terror".

A few years back, "North Texans for 9/11 Truth" marched in the Martin Luther King Parade along side the Muslim contingent which was trying to bring light to this injustice.

Fleischer knew.

Shortly after 9/11, former White House press secretary, the notorious Ari Fleischer, uttered the following ominous and sinister words: "Americans had better watch what they say, and had better watch what they do". Being one of the hardliner Bush Administration neoconservative insiders, he was clearly in the know as regards what lay ahead for America and the coming erosion of civil rights and the coming maximum security state.The horrendous episode detailed in the article above is one of thousands of examples of gross injustices committed by the US authorities, all enabled by 9/11.

(To speculate, he might have been privy to what was going on that morning as well, as - anecdotally - Mr.Fleischer was the official who on the morning of 9/11, while George Bush cluelessly dithered, reading a book to schoolchildren as America's worst ever national crisis was unfolding, held up a placard with the words "don't say anything yet" inscribed in large upper case letters. The lowly press secretary giving instructions to the commander in chief, and barely an eyebrow raised?