EXPERTS SPEAK OUT To Air In Marin County, CA Sun Feb. 10th

Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth's Explosive Evidence EXPERTS SPEAK OUT will Air on the
local Cable TV Network CH 26 at 10:30PM.

Just north of San Francisco this suburb is noted for it's beautiful landscape, but it is also home to
many open minded people who are beginning to realize that we have a serious problem with 9/11.

Bravo, Mike!

Try to get a letter to the editor published about this for even more coverage! Get a few friends to join you in writing the paper.

Thanks Ralph... no time to

Thanks Ralph... no time to get it in the paper. If you haven't already seen Bollyn's book, it's a must read: SOLVING 9.11, the deception that changed the world.

Uhm . . .

Bollyn has actually made a ton of errors in his writings and has a long history of antisemitic views. Here is a good example of what he has done for the 9/11 movement:

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