A Noble Lie The Oklahoma City Bombing of 1995 (Full-2 hours)

A Noble Lie The Oklahoma City Bombing of 1995 (Full-2 hours)


Highly Recommended

I think the first time I thought about OKC in a contrary manner was while watching an early lecture on 9/11 by Kevin Ryan. Kevin had made an off hand remark about its suspicious nature and I picked up bits and pieces over time. This film does a great job of pulling all the anomalies together and paints yet another disturbing picture.

Oklahoma City, April 19, 1995.

Today is the 18th year since the biggest
act of so-called "domestic terrorism"
on US soil.

Oklahoma City, April 19, 1995.

The silence from the "commemoration"
happy news media is deafening.

Here's why...

Shocking things about the cover up
I can almost guarantee you never
heard before.



- Brasscheck

Thanks Joe!

Thanks for posting all this! Timely.

Video gone

This video has been removed, as are videos of Boston

This video was removed, but there's another copy

Since this one was removed I did a YouTube search to see if there's another full copy and there is. I used only "A Noble Lie" for search term, plus the search filter to have only links for videos of 20 minutes and longer runtime. The 5th link returned is for a full copy that was uploaded by freemindfilmschannel on April 23rd.



Rather seems like a good idea to provide a link to the video. I must've excluded it due to thinking that it would probably be blocked because of an automatic filter.

The video's uploaded by freemindfilmschannel and Freedom Mind Films is the name of the production company, http://freemindfilms.com, so I assume the channel is from that company, but am not sure of this. There's no link for that website at the channel, so I'm wondering if the video is an officially approved copy.

Do you know if the channel is from that company or that the video copy is an approved one? I just checked at http://freemindfilms.com and don't find a link for this free and full-length video but seem to recall having read that it was supposed to be made freely available an anniversary date of or for the 1995 OKC bombing(s). Actually, I think this was stated in a video-recorded interview and that it seemed like whatever anniversary date was being referred to, it was soon. I don't know how soon but interpreted it as meaning sometime in the following year. This was a year or more ago.