Fast and Furious - The Twin Towers

A fairytale of New York

Once upon a time there was a plan to build a phallic symbol in Manhattan to show the might of the USA. The world’s leading architects and engineers worked to satisfy this demand. The result was not just the highest building in the world, but two, so that the point was nailed home.

In line with superman leaping tall buildings aims they had to be capable of being struck by airline jets and also be impossible to bring down by nefarious villians.

Careful checks were made to make sure that the steel would withstand severe fires as people didn’t like the idea of working a quarter of a mile up in the sky if they couldn’t get out in emergency.

Engineers proudly claimed that the steel would withstand a three hour severe fire and the building could be struck by multiple aircraft as it would be just like poking a screendoor with a pencil.

It would laugh at hurricane winds and snigger at attempts to bomb it.

Time passed until it was noticed by the owners that they were having difficulty in finding tenants to fully occupy the massive spaces they had constructed. Rumblings about them having deadly asbestos throughout them didn’t help.

Offload was the cry before we are lumbered with massive costs.

Along comes a knight in white armour in the shape of Lucky Larry who bought the lease in June 01.

Hurray cries the masses - Larry to the rescue.

He rapidly insures the entire WTC complex against terrorist attack and smiles contendedly.

He is well named as ‘Lucky’ because within a few months 19 Arabs led by a man on dialysis, using a laptop in a cave in Afghanistan managed to circumvent the might of the entire USA defence system and arrange for jets to go wildly off course, strike the two phallic symbols of USA’s power in Manhattan and bring down three buildings there.

WTF cried the stunned Government !

How can this be ?

We couldn’t envisage people flying planes into buildings deliberately. At least only three times in the last few years and anyway the plans we made were only pretend. Tisn’t our fault . Didn’t you see that we were already practicing drills to counter such identical events that day and that was why all our defences were confused? Wait a minute, did I just say that we couldn’t envisage people flying planes into buildings? Well , what I meant that err ………

Anyway, it was that BinLaden who did it – anyone can see that. And that guy in downtown Manhattan wearing a Harley shirt could see what happened straight away and told you that it was fires and plane damage that caused these two incredibly strong buildings to fall within an hour.

And we know that steelframe buildings have never fallen down like this before but fear not we will ask the worlds leading experts, NIST, to explain to you what happened.

Time passes and the world falls into three kinds of people.

Ones who understand science and physics who can see that what they have been told is contrary to all the laws of physics.

Ones who understand science and physics, but find it impossible to overcome their disbelief that they would be lied to by their government and are capable of ignoring what they see.

Then there are those who watch the ball game on TV.

The points at issue are fairly basic.

The first group asks why gravity worked sideways that day ?

Massive six ton steel sections were observed and measured to reach 60mph within the first yard of movement and fly sideways for 300 feet to embed in adjacent buildings. Surely any rational person could expect gravity to work downwards.

People from group two accept that if the government say it can do that then, yes, gravity can work sideways.

People from group three are busy looking up the TV schedule for the next game.

Group one asks why the top part of one building began to tilt slowly to one side but when it reached 22 degrees list it disobeyed the Laws of Angular Momentum and turned to dust.

Group two say that if the government says that’s possible then why should they be questioned.

Group three are looking for their fourth beer.

Along comes another hero. Up gallops Bazant.

On 9/13/01 he released a comprehensive report explaining why these buildings became the first two in history to fall this way. He didn’t need to investigate or do any forensic tests. He just knew.

Group one checked his maths and found schoolboy errors.

Group two checked his maths and gave him an A+

Group three asked what did the word ‘maths’ mean.

Bazant imagined an entire floor of the building to disappear when making his first and crucial calculation. The resulting impact speed of the upper block of a tower of 19 mph was then used to proceed to compound that error. He also imagined that 240 floor trusses were able to fail at the same instant to enable that upper block to freefall through that missing floor.

Group one stared in disbelief at the magnitude of these errors.

Group two nodded wisely and said ‘Good work’ Bazant.

Group three were looking for the TV remote hidden under ten beer cans.

Meanwhile, back at NIST they have been told to ensure that at all costs their report must end at the initiation of collapse and under no circumstances must they try to explain how all the laws of physics were broken that day by looking at total collapse.

That was tricky until out of the blue they got a report from Underwriters Laboratories who had re-tested a duplicate of a floor truss. After firing a shotgun at the fireproofing they put it in a furnace. Loaded it with double load, heated it to double the temperature, and for double the time.

Eureka !! They sag 47” – enough to pull the outer walls inwards and the upper block would fall just as Bazant had calculated. Go to press.

Group one said hang on.

A Manager of UL, Kevin Ryan, had been arguing there that the tests had shown 4” but was being ignored. He was concerned that NIST was working on false data so went directly there to inform them.

Two things happened.

He was fired by UL, and NIST ignored his information as they needed the 47” to make their story work.

Group two said. KR was being disloyal. How dare he undermine his Companys integrity. He probably wears brown shoes with a black suit. He can’t be trusted. And anyway the government has told us 47” so whats the problem.

Group three were asleep and missed the last quarter of the game.

And so it goes on.

Questions about ‘squibs’

Questions about total energy calculations and kinetic equations.

Dust tests positive for energetic thermetic material

Billions of iron rich microspheres in all the dust in Manhattan that indicate molten metal.

Group one stack up the evidence

Group two refuse to apply the scientific method to examine that evidence and prefer their belief based system.

Group three worry that they have lost their freedoms and that their constitution is being ignored- and wonder why

Harley guy

Has anyone formally identified the guy in the Harley shirt?

He's not exactly Mr. Empathy in any case. More like Mr. Script.

Others have mentioned him before, of course.... Does anyone know anything about him?

edit: This helped but still left uncertainties:


I am unsure about this, but in the video that this clip was taken from, he is introduced as "Mark Walsh, a fox freelancer". I have read various accounts of who he is though, and there seems to be some uncertainty about this.