9/11: The Best Physical Evidence of Explosives- DavidChandler911 Published on Mar 7, 2014

9/11: The Best Physical Evidence of Explosives

Published on Mar 7, 2014

David Chandler, ASU 2/18/2014: Guest Lecture at Arizona State University by invitation of 9/11 Studies and Outreach, a student group affiliated with Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth. The talk was followed by extensive Q & A, not shown here.




Once one understands the fundamental arguments that David makes regarding the measured acceleration of these towers and all that it implies then the discussion is over. The three towers were taken down in a controlled demolition as the odds that might support the 'fire induced collapse' theory are so astronomically long as to rule out that hypothesis.

Thank you, David, and thank you Joe for posting this.

Excellent Presentation

I'm surprised that John Gross didn't self-combust as the heat increased from the lies he told. This lecture is a keeper.

Great Presentation.

Those who have taught their subject well for so many years are so well aware of the mistakes made and misunderstandings that different students have had over those years, that they have an uncanny ability to impart the message with such clarity and purpose that it is difficult not to "get it". Brilliant lecture, demystifying the subject beautifully. Thank you.