Tucker Carlson Reacts to Building 7 Implosion


What to make of this. Tucker Carlson on Infowars? Sure looks like a classic "if you can't beat em, join em" move on ol Tuck's part (and I'm so glad he's ditched the bow-tie look). Alex does more then just show him WTC7, he uses clips of Sybil (see-bell..!) Edmonds, Barry Jennings, mention of Anthony Schaffer making a case that a 4 year old would understand.

Carlson :

"I don't understand how buildings collapse, I don't understand how building 7 collapsed, I find it really hard to believe that the US government is in league with Al-Queda, I just don't...If evidence emerges that they were..I'll be the first to picket the White House".



Early on I got some decent information from Alex Jones and his network though I found his bombastic presentation off-putting. That said, he is popular and has a large audience and following. Carlson getting next to Alex -- and lending/gaining credibility (?) -- I take as a sign that alternative media is clearly having an impact. This smells of creating space for a fall-back position not an honest, bull headed search for the truth. At some point regardless of the ridiculousness of their arguments, they succeed in 'running out the clock'.

The only 'argument' the debunkers have left is their constant appeal to people's natural incredulity. So it's physics versus Tucker's incredulity. Hmmm, not really so tough to weigh. Incredulity is not an argument. Evidence makes arguments.

Hard to believe?!

'I find it really hard to believe that the US government is in league with Al-Queda.'

For starters, look up: Kosovo, Libya, Syria.


Carlson is a person who presents himself as a journalist and person of informed authority with the exception that he doesn't seem to read nor know very much.

Look up: Kosovo, Libya, Syria.

Look up Tora Bora. There were more journalists there than there were US soldiers. There were two trails out to Pakistan and only one of them was bombed. A Christian Science Monitor reporter heard al Qaeda agents in a hotel lobby in Jalalabad buying letters of transit from agents of the local warlords who were hired by the USA to guard Tora Bora. Osama and 1600 al Qaeda walked out of Tora Bora into Pakistan. A British group claimed they were half an hour behind Osama and they stepped aside to let the Americans do the capture. The Americans didn't.

Look up the Kunduz airlift. 4000 Taliban and al Qaeda were allowed to fly out of Kunduz into Pakistan with no interference from the US military,

Civil Encounter

The civility of this encounter is encouraging. The Tucker back on MSNBC was somewhat obnoxious. I kinda like this Tucker, even though he's clearly still struggling with 911 stuff.

Both AJ and Tucker Carlson were better

than usual. If more media discussions become like this, there is hope. No yelling back and forth. No "You're crazy" accusations. Just people trying to figure it out. Obviously I wish Carlson expressed his suspicions more strongly. That said, this was a step forward.

"...there is hope."

I recall when Steven Jones went on Tucker's show and Tucker torpedoed Steven by refusing to show the taped collapse of WTC 7 that Steven had given them. That really undermined Steven's presentation especially given the limited time one gets on corporate TV. I admire that you see what's redeemable in people, but I'm not sure it's warranted in this case. Time will tell.

H minus

Anybody not seen and understood building 7 by 2014, shouldn't even be allowed to TALK about 911 .