"The Deep State in Real Time" Russ Baker


Skip to 1:03:02 for the "Bin Laden Removal" question.

Russ Baker

I can't help but get the feeling that Russ internalizes conclusions beyond what he will state in public as a matter of professional journalistic caution. In this way I see him as a sort of bridge from the alternative to the main stream media. I'd be interested to see what he says after the 3rd beer, a sort of 3rd beer report. I sent his site a donation this year along with the other alternative media I support. I find his caution in drawing bigger conclusions both refreshing and annoying at the same time, but he does pursue the right questions quite often.

I did want to add as one who lived and worked in Seattle a hat tip to Mike McCormick and Talking Stick having produced a lot of important media over the years that was regularly run on public access TV.

Avoiding Cognitive Dissonance

Russ brought up cognitive dissonance. So I suspect any internalizing we might perceive is because he's acutely aware of what his audience can handle. His commitment to truth seems very sincere. If he's holding back, I bet it's because he's trying to steer people to truth seeking and triggering cognitive dissonance will be counter productive. IMO.