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Never could believe 9/11 was anything close to an inside job or a controlled demolition until I listened to Dr. David Ray Griffin at his speech in Madison, WI. I think I saw it on YouTube or some other site. I was expecting a kook or an attention grabbing dude, but he was none of that and it encouraged me to research more on the topic. Well you know where that goes. I found more and more information making sense to me on the controlled demolition side of things and nothing making sense on the Administration's side. After the initial shock that lasted about three days, I started speaking out and asking questions from my family and other people I thought were intelligent enough to give me feedback on their views. Nothings changed except I realize how few people want to grapple with the reality that their government might be capable of murdering their own innocent civilians in order to achieve their pre-planned objectives. It still scares the hell out of me, but the truth is something that is invaluable in determining my sense of security. I respect all people who have the courage to wrap their minds around concepts that are uncomfortable and challenge their own sense of security. Amen to all of you. Peace.

The Heartland, U.S.A.