We Were Lied To About 9/11 - Episode 18 - Bob McIlvaine


Bob McIlvaine is the father of Robert McIlvaine Jr., an Assistant Vice President of media relations for Merrill Lynch & Co. who was murdered on 9/11. Since 9/11, Bob has been very outspoken about a number of different issues. He has spoken around the country, and in different parts of the world. With the exception of one, Bob attended every 9/11 Commission Hearing. He has appeared on different news outlets, and has been mentioned in several news articles over the years. He has appeared in many documentaries that call into question what we were told about the 9/11 attacks.


Jon, thanks to you for providing the space, and to Bob for having the fortitude to share his heartfelt, personal story.

I'll say here...

What I said on Facebook. I've had 17 episodes of my show so far, going over a multitude of topics, and I think I have proven BEYOND A SHADOW OF DOUBT that something is VERY WRONG with what we were told about 9/11. With barely a mention of the buildings. I hope I've taught you something. There is more to the story, and you shouldn't have to be a physicist, an engineer, a scientist, or an architect to understand the need for real truth, accountability, and justice for what happened on 9/11. To understand that there was never any justification for any of the horrible things we have done in the names of those lost that day.

That being said, Bob and the other family members still have doubts, so I gave Bob his chance to state his case for the historical record, and for the families.