Bin Laden's Bookshelf - May 20, 2015

This list contains U.S. person information that is being released in accordance with the Fiscal Year 2014 Intelligence Authorization Act (section 309) requirement that the Director of National Intelligence conduct a declassification review of certain items collected during the mission that killed Usama bin Ladin on May 1, 2011, and make publicly available any information declassified as a result of such review.

All publications are unclassified and available commercially or in the public domain.

The U.S. Intelligence Community does not endorse any of the publications on this list.

Guardian hit-piece on Truthers contains some nuggets of Truth

Informed by the Guardian that Bin Laden owned a copy of his book, author and retired theologian David Ray Griffin said “it’s a surprise” and that he was at a loss for words.

“It’s such a crazy story,” Griffin said. “I’m disappointed that he only had one of my books. He should’ve read Pearl Harbor Revisited!”

9/11 truthers (naturally) wary of Osama bin Laden's conspiracy theory obsession

Paid trolls are busy "Commenting" on Guardian article.


He takes them seriously?

'...David Ray Griffin said “it’s a surprise” and that he was at a loss for words.'

That makes it sound as if Griffin is taking the reports seriously. But do they merit any credence whatsoever? Why ascribe any credibility to them by answering that way?

"It's such a crazy story"

... he also said. And it is. I expect that DRG may have been taken off-guard when this list was breaking news. It's like The Guardian had him on speed-dial. MSM, whether it be TV or print, will pick out the quotes to fit the agenda. That is the danger in speaking with them in anything other than a live interview. And I am scratching my head here. What is the agenda? If you have one of these books on the list, you might be a terrorist like bin Laden too? Or just a "conspiracy theorist" in need of a mental evaluation?

Notice, they also went to a favorite "Uncle" as he may be known around here for some of his "nuttier" theories, but I actually agree with him also. If OBL managed to live for another ten years after 9/11, then where the hell is the dialysis machine?

And the timing?

As with the Seymour Hersh story, a basic question is, 'Why now?' If the idea is to tarnish these books by association, why didn't they think of that at the time, back in May 2011 (when they were making sure we heard about Osama's supposed porn collection)? Is someone in the psy-ops department just angling for a promotion, and this was the best they could come up with?

I want to know...

If 9/11 Truth books are on Dick Cheney's shelf.

Oh, I'm sure he has a secret stash ...

he keeps just for laughs. Did Satan write any books? Those are probably on the top shelf, along with how to cook babies.

Not a complete list

USAma had a lot of other books that the authorities would like to keep secret.

-- Grimm's Fairy Tales
-- Mad Magazine Classics
-- Drywall Incendiaries Made Easy
-- C.I.A. Personnel Phone Book 2001
-- Build Your Own FAA Headquarters




You would think he might want to know...

if he was dead or alive.

Osama Bin Laden: Dead or Alive? Paperback – May 20, 2009
by David Ray Griffin (Author)

That's another reason

I think DRG was taken off-guard by The Guardian. That would have been the perfect answer. Or did they conveniently leave that quote out?

Thanks Joe for keeping on top of bin Laden news. The TM coulda/shoulda made more of a stink over Obama's claim to have "got him". I know I did in my circles. And that keeps Hillary on my naughty list for taking part in this farce too.

Robert Fisk says bin Laden couldn't understand English

The Independent's Middle East correspondent Robert Fisk makes an interesting point in his latest article. The books Osama bin Laden supposedly had were presumably in English. But Fisk points out that when he met bin Laden in 1997, he couldn't understand English.

Fisk writes: "And then there are the books, Chomsky, Woodward & Co. Quite an English-language reading list – if bin Laden could read English. But when I met him in 1997, he could hardly speak a word. Did he have language tutors in Abbottabad?" (Source:

If the books allegedly found in bin Laden's compound in Abbottabad were indeed in English and bin Laden hadn't learned to speak/read English, this leads to the question: Why would someone have a collection of books in a language they were unable to understand?


First of all, a dead man doesn't read books. And I guy who can't read English doesn't read books written in English. And a guy who allegedly masterminded a terrorist attack would not be interested in why he was NOT responsible -- terrorists are bent on boasting about their successes.

The true masterminds of 9/11 apparently feel that these books are a threat and want to smear by association anyone who has them... as being terrorist sympathizers. It's also perhaps an in-your-face taunt to the TM and those who question official narratives.... because they feel so invincible. They don't give a damn if half of America (or even 3/4) doubt the official story so long as there's no justice. Maybe it will spark a few people to read these excellent books and awaken some of the authors to the absurdity of this propaganda?

OBL's English teacher disagrees

Osama Bin Laden was the perfect student and a gentleman – says the Irishwoman who taught the world’s most notorious terrorist English.

He was 20...

When she taught him. I was taught Hebrew, and can't speak a word of it today. I guess it all depends on how much he used it.

Alleged teacher gave a different account to another newspaper

Osama bin Laden's alleged English teacher, according to the Irish Central article, told the Irish Independent that she wasn't in fact bin Laden's English teacher. Instead, she said, her late husband, Seamus, was his teacher. "Seamus was the bin Laden's private tutor and taught English to Osama and some of his brothers," she said. (Source:

So which of her accounts--if either--should we believe?

Usama has not read or spoke any English...

in fourteen years.

ha! ... yep. That's right.


This "bookshelf release" will probably help the Movement

The government's "bookshelf release" will probably help the 9/11 Movement.
[Plus, it adds humor for many who are aware of the facts. ;) ]

Here is an EXAMPLE of how government propaganda draws attention to the 9/11 Movement...

A relatively new member to our North Texas 9/11 Group states with his introduction:
"...Hi, I did not pay too much attention to 9/11 until after the Seal raid, where it looked like some things just did not add up. Many details in the Official story must be challenged....