How terrorist attacks are being studied to make buildings safer – video

July 15, 2015

Devastating terrorist attacks which cause structures to collapse are helping researchers come up with safer building plans. The 11 September 2001 attacks on the World Trade Centre, as well as the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995, are just two which have been studied at the University of New South Wales to help researchers in their quest for more stable structures.

Catastrophic Science is a series produced by the University of New South Wales


These con artists are paid to make shit up.

Does anyone see anything missing?

True, a rhetorical question since that list would go on far too long. However, This is where I MUST pay homage to Mr. Lawson and his wonderful video, "This is an Orange," because the technique is so subtle and but so obvious. Devious maybe? I think so.. maybe. Why show the plane hit other than to reinforce the fear factor. But they call it an apple and pretend that all the evidence we are seeing just isn't there. It staggers the imagination they get away with it.

Here they use a montage of reinforcing bit shots of reality to reintroduce the day. Then use a sleight of hand computer model, misrepresenting the building to hide the physics. Amazing, I mean seriously, Wow! It is so in your face. How do people NOT see it? On that point however, let me quickly say I was quite surprised of how much of the south tower they showed. You can see all the points in David Chandler's excellent "South Tower Smoking Gun" video in it. Usually, in the limited MSM reports I've seen over the years, they use small snapshots or snippets of videos and carefully not show the whole thing. Of course the left out the north tower. That might have been too much. Building 7? fuuuhgeddaboutit!! lol We should include these hosts in the list to receive the upcoming AE pamphlet "Beyond Misinformation."

Another point, the comment section also appeared to be quite sensible so far. Maybe the tide is turning? My activism this year at my favorite concert venue has been quite subdued lately. Just one "engineer" at 3 Days Grace tried to protest, but quieted down when he found out he didn't even know about WTC 7, called me a conspiracy theorist and huffed away. His Air Force friend said I raised some good points that he was not aware of and now had to check out rethink911 pointing to my hat. Encouraging signs this year. Encouraging signs.

My two cents..
peace all