Knowledge of 9/11 Truth Climbs in Colorado

Local Action Team Deems Outreach at Denver People’s Fair a Success

Fair-goers already knowledgeable about 9/11 Truth would stop by with friends and family, point to the displays, and explain the information to the others in their group.

For the eighth year in a row, Colorado 9/11 Truth's display at the People's Fair in Denver reached hundreds of people with information, brochures, and DVDs.


I loved seeing this!!! Fantastic!

This is where the rubber meets the road.

Actions like these WILL change things. (and already have)
Face to face public actions of outreach with DVDs and literature is essential for getting the word out about 9/11.
...and this is something that ANYBODY can do.

Actions like these help to "make it publicly acceptable" to talk about 9/11.

The importance of these type of actions should not be underplayed, because they are foundational to the movement.

Read the stories of interactions!

This statement holds true:
"...The great majority of our encounters with the public were positive, as depicted by the above stories. There were a few more challenging interactions, but nothing like the vitriol that we experienced in the early days of our organization."

---- I want to see more stories like this! This is why I am part of the 9/11 Movement... "to get the word out". I have no desire to be a silent, cowardly, couch spectator sitting on urgently important information. I want to see this information get out there, by me, and by others.