'INCONTROVERTIBLE' has been 2 years in the making and is the first feature length documentary to contain original interviews with police officers, firefighters, soldiers and top figures in the establishment, ALL of whom express their grave doubts over the official narrative of September 11th.
With the focus on the impossible 'fire-induced' collapse of WTC 7, we now have 100's of years of police experience on film, trained investigators, men and women who have given their lives to civic and military duty, on the record, stating that they no longer believe the fiction that passes as the official story of that dreadful day. Filmed in half a dozen countries, numerous US cities, 'INCONTROVERTIBLE' is a no- nonsense rebuttal of British Prime Minister, David Cameron's assertion that to disbelieve the US Government's version of 9/11 is to be a 'non-violent extremist'. The film follows 9/11 victim family member Matt Campbell [whose brother, Geoff perished in WTC 1] as he meets those who served their Country, either as police, fire service or military, and who have now woken up to the grim reality of just what their superiors are...

Written and Directed by Tony Rooke, Tony had considerable success in 2013, by facing court charges of non-payment of his mandatory TV Licence fee in the UK. Arguing that to fund the BBC is to further the purposes of terrorism [strictly forbidden under UK Terrorism Laws]
Rooke argued that the BBC's coverage of that day was so warped, so distorted and so blatantly dishonest, that it amounted to aiding the true perpetrators of 9/11. A District Judge, having viewed the evidence gave an unprecedented 'non-sentence' by refusing to impose the usual
fine, and also refusing to instruct Rooke to buy a TV Licence... This extraordinary court case is also covered in the film with contributions from the main players in that event.

'INCONTROVERTIBLE' is now available on Standard definition DVD and Blu-Ray Screening Edition here:

"This film is FOR police officers and firefighters, BY police officers and Firefighters" explains film maker, Rooke. " The film was created to act as a practical aid in combatting the mainstream BS we've been given about 9/11. Without getting our police on board we have little hope.
We can march on the streets of London in protest against the wars, we can do whatever we've been doing but we ALWAYS come up against a sea of blue, ready to arrest us, ready to STOP our lawful and justified protest against the inordinate extremes of corruption we are now
seeing in our establishment. 'INCONTROVERTIBLE' is a film that our police, soldiers and fire crews cannot ignore. These are THEIR people. Get the film to THEM. Show it in your town halls, your place of worship, WHEREVER you show it, just SHOW it".

'INCONTROVERTIBLE" will be available online soon at the same link. In the meantime here are just a reviews for those who have seen the sneak previews:

" One of the best 9/11 movies ever made". - Kevin Barrett - Truth Jihad Radio

" Moving, powerful and informative" - Niels Harrit - Veteran Truth Campaigner

" Every 9/11 victim family member should watch this film" - Matt Campbell - 9/11 Victim Family Member

" Incontrovertible is technically brilliant" - Ian Henshall - Author of '9/11 Revealed' & '9/11 The New Evidence'

" Artfully crafted - manages to persuade cumulatively there are still questions to answer" - Joe Gill - Journalist - Middle East Eye

" I recommend this fabulous, motivational film very highly. It adds a new dimension to the truth movement and targets the awakening of those that have the ability to actually make the difference between creeping tyranny, another 9/11 and or WW3.." Brian Maxwell - 15ys Firefighter, currently serving Edinburgh Fire Service

The movie 'INCONTROVERTIBLE' is available here:


What a beautiful production.

Five stars.

Excellent Contribution to the 9/11 Truth Movement

While the filmmaker and text are geared towards the British people, and in particular, police, firefighters, and the military; there is much here for the American audience. The main aspect of 9/11 that it explores is the strongest evidence that we have - the demolition of WTC 7, but there are many other aspects of 9/11 that it touches upon, as well as state sponsored terrorism in general, highlighting events that took place in the U.K.. With art, music, a strong narrative; it also places 9/11 and the subsequent wars into context, delineating war crimes and the moral, legal obligations of those whose jobs are to "serve and protect" their nation. The surprising visuals, so unusual for a 9/11 truth documentary, were very well done and engaging, although some disturbing images of maimed babies and children, victims of depleted uranium and worse, were a bit hard to look at. The underlying theme is that those who orchestrate and launch wars are pathological criminals and it is a moral imperative to not aid and abet the war machine, especially those who are sworn to serve and protect people.

I also hope that we will be able to showcase the film at our next Annual 9/11 Truth Film Festival (At the Grand Lake Theater in Oakland, California) on the 15th Commemoration of the Defining Crime of the Century.

Moral Imperative

The underlying theme is that those who orchestrate and launch wars are pathological criminals and it is a moral imperative to not aid and abet the war machine, especially those who are sworn to serve and protect people.

The creatures that are in charge have built a nearly perfect evil machine The majority of citizens design, build, maintain, fuel or drive the machine. The machine crushes innocents in front of it and drags objectors behind it. "We have met the enemy and he is us."-- Pogo

As you say, there a moral imperative. We MUST withdraw our consent from, and all forms of support for, the evil machine.