Accused Vegas Shooter's Doctor A DHS Employee; Is Division Leader of NV Emergency Response Agency

The physician who last June prescribed accused Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock Diazepam (a drug used to make some more hypno-suggestible or "hypnotizable" and induce amnesia) [1][2], is Dr. Steven P. Winkler of Las Vegas, NV. Winkler is the Chief Medical Officer of Nevada-1 DMAT (Disaster Medical Assistance Team)[3]. DMATs operate under the direction of the Department of Homeland Security and Winkler is thus what is known as an intermittent federal employee and also serves on a number of professional committees. [4] NV-1 DMAT is also a division of Nevada's Clark County Emergency Management agency who just prior to the October 1, 2017 Las Vegas mass shooting, hosted at least one multi-agency mock-mass casualty terrorism response exercise in Las Vegas. [5][6] CIA code named “MK-ULTRA” "mind control" programs experimented heavily with amnesia inducing hypnosis, facilitated by certain drugs like Diazepam. [7]

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On the +Positive Side

It is a positive that all suspicious "events" post 9/11 are immediately independently investigated by regular folk.
With each new event I generally wait a day or two to see what they find before giving much thought or judgement.

The Vegas event was all over the news for a solid week until the MSM received their instructions to bury it probably because in part there were way too many discrepancies to be believed.

If there is anything positive about 9/11 it is that it served as a catalyst for people worldwide to pay attention, be alert, think critically, transcend their programmed gullibility, abandon their trust in government, realize it is up to ourselves to save ourselves.