3GB of Twin Towers Structural Drawing Books

Links Down

Almost all links are down, except the ones for Books 6 and 20.

With th exception of book 7,

With th exception of book 7, this link https://1drv.ms/f/s!AjophWeMbRuakBJMYPrgFDzB5kji provides access to updated files. The main addition is 200MB to book 4 (some jpgs and 8 x pdfs) Book 7 will upload in the next day or so.


Thank you very much!

One drawback: Many drawings are lumped together in PDF files that are using lossy JPEG compression. You can see on the drawings the "broken" drawn lines due to compression macroblocking. That NIST PDF lumping crap annoys me to no end!
After requesting single lossless TIFF sheets, like they did for many WTC7 drawings (except for base design arch. dwgs.), they are refusing to provide them to me. They are stating, that these PDF files are all that was retained by them. That's obviously not true, since their own released NIST WTCI Documents Database lists these drawings as hard copies stored at NIST.

The drawings in the pdfs that

The drawings in the pdfs that you are referring to are only general. For example, a "C32T4" truss will be denoted in a floor panel diagram and as you say the detail will be hard to make out in terms of elements connecting to it. The detailed sheet for that particular truss is the important one in terms of fine detail. There are countless "C32T24" trusses throughout the building and you need only one clear sheet of that truss type to know what it is.

Similarly the floor panel drawings will show at a general level panel "A1" in the middle of the N face of Tower A, joining to the NE onto B1, C1, D1, E1 and F1. Toward the NW the panels will be from A1 BR1, CR1, DR1, ER1 and FR1. This is the general panel layout and does not require the detail that is lacking because of pdf conversion. Specific to floors will be panel "B1D" for example, the end letter denoting a variance in length, seen in the floor panel dimsneion schedule eg on 7-AB3-24, where the specific panel details A thru P are specified.

What the above release covers in terms of structural detail is Cores, Perimeters, Trusses, Floor Panels, Bridging, Strap Anchors, and crucially we now have the specific connection details between all of these elements. Basically these are everything apart from some sub grade details and concrete details (which I am sure I will get in due course). I'll take a quick video of myself going through the structural element details at the 96th storey and post it here to hopefully save you some time in familiarising yourself with the conventions and format of these drawings.

In short, NIST do not have what you are asking for specifically, and they wouldn't have required it to model the structure. In these drawings, there is no detail that is not shown clearly once you know where to cross reference it to. I will go capture that video and hopefully that will clear this up for yu, as it is hard to explain, but hopefully easier to show.

I tried to take a video of me

I tried to take a video of me going through these as best i can, and the end result made it look way more complicated than it actually is, so I have started putting together the details for floor 96 of the N tower. These give the cores, the perimeters and the floor pans and related truss drawings for most of the long spans. they are symettrical around the centre panel which in this case is A1B.
The link to the folder is here < https://1drv.ms/u/s!AjophWeMbRuaoCzpnT9KzI6yYrkp > and i will update it as and when I can get to looking up the short pans and the connection details. The folder is about 90MB

For the splices in the cores and the perimeter module details see the end of book 3 and 4 respectively. Hopefully this helps show the level of detail that is in this release.If there's anything specific you are looking for, let me know and I will do my best to direct you to the detail.

EDIT - I will also upload the floor 96 details as unzipped files when I can.