9/11 research paper in EuroPhysicsNews -Two year anniversary

I just checked our article published in August 2016 in EuroPhysicsNews, so we are approaching the
2nd anniversary of publication. It was a seminal moment for me that we could achieve publication in a widely-read technical

The high volume of reads continues - 759,428 reads/views as of today. This high-readership is most unusual for a technical paper, and by far the highest number for any article in this journal.

The paper should still be available here:


But as I check the article this evening, I'm getting an error message as follows:
“ Sites are under maintenance
This website is momentarily unavailable.
We apologize for any inconvenience caused. Please try later.”

Would someone check if they are able to read the EuroPhysicsNews article? I just hope this
publication remains freely available for all to read and ponder.

Finally, my sincere thanks to the truth-seeking community for continued interest and support.

That URL is working okay from

That URL is working okay from here. Must have been a temporary issue. This paper and the reach it has attained is fantastic, and a massive achievement.

Thank you gerrycan1 - the EuroPhysicsNews article is

now working for me as well. What a relief that it is available and at NO CHARGE for anyone.
"This paper and the reach it has attained is fantastic, and a massive achievement." = Very kind of you to say!
Yes, a massive achievement for the entire truth movement worldwide.