9/11 research paper in EuroPhysicsNews -Two year anniversary

I just checked our article published in August 2016 in EuroPhysicsNews, so we are approaching the
2nd anniversary of publication. It was a seminal moment for me that we could achieve publication in a widely-read technical

The high volume of reads continues - 759,428 reads/views as of today. This high-readership is most unusual for a technical paper, and by far the highest number for any article in this journal.

The paper should still be available here:


But as I check the article this evening, I'm getting an error message as follows:
“ Sites are under maintenance
This website is momentarily unavailable.
We apologize for any inconvenience caused. Please try later.”

Would someone check if they are able to read the EuroPhysicsNews article? I just hope this
publication remains freely available for all to read and ponder.

Finally, my sincere thanks to the truth-seeking community for continued interest and support.

That URL is working okay from

That URL is working okay from here. Must have been a temporary issue. This paper and the reach it has attained is fantastic, and a massive achievement.

Thank you gerrycan1 - the EuroPhysicsNews article is

now working for me as well. What a relief that it is available and at NO CHARGE for anyone.
"This paper and the reach it has attained is fantastic, and a massive achievement." = Very kind of you to say!
Yes, a massive achievement for the entire truth movement worldwide.

Again, I am unable to access the EuroPhysicsNews article on 9/11

For the past several days, I've again been trying to access the EPN article without success. This time, the message is more cryptic than before: "Your clock is ahead
A private connection to www.europhysicsnews.org can't be established because your computer's date and time (Saturday, September 8, 2018 at 9:44:25 PM) are incorrect. NET::ERR_CERT_DATE_INVALID "

I find that my computer's time and date are correct, reflecting the actual time and date where I'm located in Missouri. Yet, I get this error and the same message when I try to access our EPN paper using different computers. EuroPhysicsNews is the ONLY site that gives me this error message. I wonder -- is anyone else having this problem, accessing our paper?

Insecure Connection

I cannot access the page, get message about insecure connection, and that the owner of the site has configured the site improperly....I cannot access the paper or the website in general.

Yes, others are also finding they CANNOT access our paper, or

the site where our paper is located. Thanks for responding.
One of the co-authors on the paper also responded to my query, and wrote: "Hi Steve,
They’ve had an issue for at least the past month with their security certificate not being good, and going on their site is insecure. Many browsers will not let you do it unless you go through some hoops. I think that’s what’s causing your problem. I’m surprised they haven’t fixed it yet."

I tried my smart phone, and there I can access the EuroPhysics News site after going "advanced", but I cannot see anything when I choose "See article metrics", which in the past has shown me the COUNT of the number of reads this paper has achieved. I can no longer get the total count.
In the past two years, the number of reads has spiked dramatically upwards in September.. I postulate that the problem will suddenly clear, shortly after the 9/11 week has come and gone...
We'll see... it is a type of experiment I suppose.

Same issue here, which is

Same issue here, which is strange because it was previously fine.
When I go to their homepage here https://www.eps.org/page/publi_epn the link to "visit the EPN website" returns the same error message but the other links are fine. The webmaster for the central site address appears to be webmaster@eps.org Not tried it yet but maybe worth sending an email ? Would be good if this were fixed in the next day or so especially.

OK - finally can access the EuroPhysics paper again, 10 Sept

Thanks for checking, gerrycan1.
I just tried again (Monday 10 Sept) - and I can access the paper again!
If one goes to http://www.europhysicsnews.org/articles/epn/abs/2016/04/epn2016474p21/epn2016474p21.html
you can then click on "Show article metrics" you will see 777,260 article views - which is enormous for a technical paper!

At the same time, the count is way DOWN for this month of September, but evidently that is because one could not access the paper this month (until today).

Thanks again, everyone! Tomorrow is another 9/11 on Tuesday... just as in 2001...