The Carrot and the Stick of 9/11 Truth

Exposing the evidence which proves that 9/11 was an inside job is not enough. Believe it or not, that is the easy part.

Why? Because you can cite all the facts in the world, but unless the person you're talking with has some motivation to really listen, the facts will bounce off your listeners like bullets off a Kevlar vest.

Psychologists tell us that unless we give people a reason to want to know the truth about 9/11, they won't be open to changing their mind.

Indeed, some very smart people have said that propaganda is not aimed at actually convincing people, but of giving an excuse for people to believe what they want to believe.

Why Will People Want to Know the Truth?

The two basic ways to motivate people are threats of pain or promises of pleasure, or what's often called "the carrot and the stick". Everyone knows about this concept, but not many people have used it to understand how to more successfully spread 9/11 truth.

The Stick

Some people will want to know the truth about 9/11 in order to avoid the consequences of that false flag attack. Indeed, many 9/11 activists are motivated by the knowledge that false flag attacks are carried out in order to justify suspension of freedoms and liberties at home, imperial wars of conquest abroad, and consolidation of power in a small group of people. Many of us are motivated by the understanding that -- unless we expose the truth of 9/11 -- the perpetrators will be emboldened to carry out even bigger false flag operations to justify war against Iran (and other countries), to implement the Continuity of Government plans which will entirely bypass the traditional government, and will lead to even more overt suspension of liberty than we already have.

That's using the horrible consequences of not exposing 9/11 as a stick to motivate people to want to learn the truth. Its a good approach, and millions of people have become 9/11 truthers based upon this approach.

The Carrot

But we've all been ignoring the other way to motivate people: offering them something to look forward to.

Let's face it, America is not only the richest nation in the world, but the richest nation in history. While the richest handful of families own the lion's share of the wealth, many others are comfortable. And even those who aren't comfortable buy into the "American dream", and hope that they will one day strike it rich.

So many people want to maintain the status quo. But what is the status quo? Well, a discussion about war and murder by two CIA agents from the movie Three Days of the Condor pretty much sums it up:

Turner: "Do we have plans to invade the Middle East?"


Higgins: "It's simple economics. Today it's oil, right? In 10 or 15 years - food, Plutonium. And maybe even sooner. Now what do you think the people are gonna want us to do then?

Turner : " Ask them."

Higgins: "Not now - then. Ask them when they're running out. Ask them when there's no heat in their homes and they're cold. Ask them when their engines stop. Ask them when people who've never known hunger start going hungry. Do you want to know something? They won't want us to ask them. They'll just want us to get it for them."

We're all starting to realize that the status quo is to commit murder, launch wars based upon false pretenses, and carry out false flag operations in order to secure resources. Unfortunately, 9/11 was a part of that status quo (remember that false flag terror didn't start with the Bush administration; its been done for a long time).

9/11 truth threatens to overturn the status quo. So unless we offer people something better than the status quo, they won't want to hear about it.

What's Better Than the Status Quo?

I have asked conservatives and liberals, believers and atheists, economists and scientists, men and women what vision they can all rally around. Specifically, I've asked them "what vision is so much better than the status quo that it can motivate everyone to open to 9/11 truth?".

I was, frankly, hoping that I could find some areas of agreement between these very diverse people. But -- other than exposing murder and lies and preserving liberty -- I haven't yet really found the answer.

[Continued in part 2.]

Goal: to know the truth

A motivating factor is to throw off illusions and to know the truth.

In that respect, speculation is worthless. One set of illusions for another does not advance understanding.

However, exposing commonly accepted lies, and showing that they are proven lies is a powerful tool we can use. People like to be "in the know" and ahead of the pack, and that has value. That's why people bother to watch "the news." They expect to find something out -- that's true -- that others in their circle don't know. They want to be the center of the discussion, the purveyor of true stories. Storytelling has a powerful and intrinsic place in our psyches.

Now, telling people that the government did 9/11 is not something most people can just say out loud to a group of friends. It's not so easy to prove (unlike an assumption in the article above), and is too far of a leap. It must be made in small, sure steps.

You don't say, "Hey everybody, 9/11 was an inside job!"

You say something like, "Why were none of the planes intercepted?"

Which leads to a lengthy discourse. And popular mechanics, BBC and whomever will undoubtedlyy make an appearance. The fact remains, those planes were not intercepted, and multiple conflicting stories and a blatant obvious cover up have attempted to hide it from US. This goes straight to Cheney and the PEOC.

If we can prove Dick Cheney had a role during the attacks, lied about it in black and white, and covered it up afterward -- that's some powerful evidence that no one to my knowledge has even attempted to "debunk."

I don't know about the glorious world is possible approach. I'm not feeling it. So far, there is no justice in America, and I'm in the "stick" camp.

You don't say "9/11 was an inside job"?

You don't say, "Hey everybody, 9/11 was an inside job!"

You say something like, "Why were none of the planes intercepted?"

There aren't no rules to spreading the truth. Different people respond to different techniques. 9/11 was an inside job.

If you're speaking to grade schoolers perhaps

Adults will not believe you.

Different audience.

There is a Carrot!

Thanks for the great article. The carrot is the release of the classified energy patents. The carrot is the removal of power lines and a little box the size of a suitcase that will power your house forever for free and the elimination of the "energy scarcity myth"
Lot's of people have figured out ways to use the hydrogen in water, even use radio waves to burn seawater at 1500 degrees celsius, and of course there's zero point energy, like the good folks at the disclosure project who thought we ought to know about all sorts of rabbit hole things so we could understand the intensity of the effort to keep us believing that energy has to be provided by the mythmakers.
The carrot is enough (basically free or super cheap) energy to have giant organic greenhouses in every neighborhood and back yard. The carrot is clean cars and less trucks on the road because food (even mango's in winter) is grown locally. But that would collapse the oil economy and hand equal power to every country on earth.
The carrot is desalinization of all the water we want and the blooming of the deserts.
It's not about oil, it's about money and control and distracting us from the new Hydrogen economy. The new paradise on earth.
One hell of a carrot.
google water fuel.

Now we are talking.

I believe in this stuff. It motivates the hell out of me and I find it extremely exciting. What do you think of Nikola Tesla? Does he fit into what you are talking about? Peace.

Hi Orangutan

Tesla discovered some basic principles that are universal. check out to see how hard some people are working to bring the truth about zero point energy and all the other rabbit hole things out of the depth.
my name up there at is my email. Peace

I like these carrots, more info at

Check the sources, of course, but electricity does come straight from the vaccuum. And this entire Universe came into existence out of Nothing (or the mind of God, whatever you want to call it)

The Top 40

Thank you!

Love that website! Thanks!!!!!!

national security

according to wikipedia the American Revolution had about 45% popular support and the loyalists were down to 15-20%. That leaves about 35-40% who didn't have an opinion, didn't want to get involved, maybe didn't like the murderous tyrant King George and his oppressive occupying army of arrogant brutes and thieves, but didn't think it a good idea to support the radicals who wanted to overthrow George's "government", illegitimate or not. The war was won by the rag tag militias and their base of support, not by those in the middle, on the fence. Considering how scared the Republocrats and their financial backers are of light and truth, i believe sharing info in ways that are protected by the First Amendment are a much more powerful means of restoring Constitutional government and getting justice for 9/11, than any violent methods aimed at ending the coup.

People do change, come to grips with reality, face their fears and do the right thing, but i'd say a larger and still emerging constituency is among the tens of millions of people who are still unaware of the basic lack of truth to the official story, and the many lies, ommissions and contradictions that all point to insider involvement and/or coverup by Establishment media and public figures.

Since finding out the official story is a load of evil bullshit, i've become very concerned about national and international security- i believe the best way to ensure it is by using the Web and emerging technologies to educate the People of the world and force our own elected and appointed public servants to be open, honest and accountable regarding their governance and use of public resources. It's the same with a great many people, as someone mentioned in a previous post, they were a rabid, bloodthirsty Republican until they saw WTC7 "collapse". I was a registered and very displeased Dem, and quit as soon as i experienced how determined all establishment Dems were to avoid examining the official 9/11 story, let alone doing anything to get answers and accountability.

I agree with the basic premise of this article- it would behoove us to have viable alternatives to the present system of rule by elites- as sad as it is, a sizeable % are content to trade liberty for security, and don't think it thru to them losing both as a result. I personally would feel a lot safer with a Congress and Executive full of regular people, and i don't feel safe at all with Republocrats in control. I think all incumbents who won't investigate 9/11 should be turned out- i will only vote for a pol who proves they're serious about investigating 9/11 and nationalizing the monetary system. Thomas Jefferson also believed an informed public would make the best decisions, and he would rather have a free press and no government, than a government without a free press.

The Top 40

Here's one part of the carrot

Deleted from your blog


Re-writing it

Powerless vs. Powerful

One thing about the carrot and the stick is that people are so fearful of 9/11 Truth. They feel powerless to deal with it, so they'd rather stay in denial. We have to offer them a way to be powerful in the face of 9/11. If we can help them be part of an organization that they feel is powerful they will come.

Spot on

Simply, but eloquently, put.

You've also got me to thinking about how we react as individuals: people who have internalized a powerful persona into their psychology, have an easer time making the transition on their own. This isn't to put down anyone who feels the need for social support--as humans we ALL need social support. But if you only have support for ignoring truths, it ampliphies powerless feelings and makes it almost impossible to break away.

The fact that some people can do it on their own means nothing--there is always a cost. The lack of social support won't change their minds, but it will eventually make them bitter, aggressive and antisocial--and burn out. ( that someone's plan?)

We need to make the human need for social support an asset to 9/11 Truth, not a liability we're always playing defense to. We need to build real community, both within the Truth community and with our outside alliances with the Peace/Anti-war community.


Now you're talking!

Keep brainstorming! This is important stuff. Thanks, GW.


And thank you, too. ;-)