Update: Japanese MP Questions 9/11 - Videos with English Subtitles - Just Released!

(Source of subtitled videos: http://www.911video.de/ex/jap111.htm - rep.)

Here is the entire video;

Videos with English Subtitles (Special thanks to the person who emailed them to us, not sure if he wants his name mentioned)

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Part 5

It appears the videos are being added as they are completed and uploaded. Here is Part 5. Feel free to add the rest as they become available if i dont get to it first.


Part 6, 7, 8

Part 1 has been updated


This addresses my main concern discussed below about the subtitles not making clear the context of these questions: discussion of the bill to extend refueling support for U.S. military vessels by the Marine Self-Defense Forces. The bill passed on January 11.

Bill passed in rare parliamentary move

not used since 1951, to overrule the opposition-controlled upper house. Neither the Washington Post nor the New York Times mention the discussion of 9/11 as part of the opposition party's reasons for opposing the bill.



Here's a good article about the political background.


Press often quotes Yukihisa Fujita

Japanese transcript posted

What message are the Japanese sending, collectively?

I found this very astute comment on the Vancouver web site:
Comment #4 http://vancouver911truth.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=7...
"When Fujita asked the defense minister how Japanese air defense would respond in a similar situation, the minister answered by saying that they would send up interceptors in anticipation of a potential shoot down order. He said nothing to dispute Fujita's contention that NORAD should have been able to intercept all four planes.

When Fujita asked the finance minister if he believed there was insider trading, the minister concurred that there was probably insider trading. Fujita then went on to ask a financial expert if this trading could have been carried out by Al Qaeda operatives and the expert found it unlikely.

No one heckled Fujita or took issue with a single point he raised. No one seemed to fault his reasoning or question his conclusions. The eight subtitled clips on YouTube create a distinct impression that the entire House of Councillors is in agreement that 9/11 was an inside job. In fact, the only dissenting comment I found was that of the current PM Fukuda, denying that he had ever called the event "strange". Note that he didn't say that he doesn't find the official explanation "strange", he only denied ever having said so at the time.

I don't see this as an example of a rogue politician taking on his government. It looks more like a calculated move by the Japanese Diet to signal to world governments that it is time to call the US's bluff.

I found this comment by the finance minister very telling: "This type of terrorism cannot be stopped by only one country but needs to be stopped by the international community". He made this comment without disputing any of Fujita's claims. This leads me to wonder which terrorists he's really referring to!"

The Japanese are not stupid.

Too many engineers who understand the laws of physics.

The Japanese politicians will have to decide if they want to remain the laughing stock of their educated population who have a strong scientific backgorund or come out in the open sooner or later and start admiting the fundamental truths in www.ae911truth.org

It seems the Man in Washington D.C. is telling the World how the Laws of Physics work.

Sorry to say, we are not buying it.

The Neo-Con Theocracy which has bamboozled AmeriKa is going to face a United Planet with much of its population in fury when the Final Truth is Revealed.

All the nukes under Pentagon control is not going to help.

Russia,China, South American Nations, maybe Japan etc. etc will sooner or later realize they can no longer ignore 911 Truth and pretend it does affect their survival or sovereignity.

There is going to be a very very big fight in some form or another.

The question remains, when will the American people realize AmeriKA is NOT their country and restore her back to a Constitutional America.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it


This is a fine example of the Synergy of 911 Bloggers. Our co-operative efforts are Vital to getting the Truth out to the rest of the world.

I would like to voice my appreciation to all my fellow bloggers for taking the time and effort to chase down all these information so the world will know.

May Truth & Justice Prevail!


Thank You.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

This is excellent, but . . .

I still think patience and confirmation is necessary, as you said earlier. I think these translations and videos are quite good, but there is a mistake at the beginning, as I discuss below.

Thanks for lending us your

Thanks for lending us your skills.

WTC 9-11-2001 was a Neocon-Zionist conspiracy-

The WTC was destroyed by controlled demo-

MP3 Audio Clip - Alex Jones & Benjamin Fulford

Friday January 11, 2008
Former Forbes Writer Benjamin Fulford Speaks With Alex Jones From Japan About The Recent Airing Of 9/11 Facts By The Japanese Opposition Party.

* source = http://www.infowwars.com

Wednesday December 19, 2007
Richard Gage AIA Comments As Part Of NIST NCST Committee Meeting Regarding The Collapse Of World Trade Center 7

* source = http://www.ae911truth.org

More MP3 Audio Clips >

truth feels good

WOW!.. just WOW.. this feels good :-p


Mr. Fujita:

Since I do not have much time I would like to ask about the suspicious information being uncovered and the doubts people world wide are having about the events of 911. Many of these doubters are very influential people. In such circumstances I believe the Japanese government, which claims the attacks were carried out by Al Qaeda, should be providing the victims families with this new information. In that context I would like to ask several questions.

First of all I would like to get all members of the committee to look at this panel and look at the pictures I have provided you with. This is concrete evidence in the form of photographs and other types of information. The first photograph has computer graphics attached to show how large the plane that hit the Pentagon was. A 757 is quite a large airplane with a width of 38 meters. So as you can see even though such a large plane hit the pentagon there is only a hole that is too small for the airplane. This is a photograph taken of firemen at work and you can also see there is no damage of the sort an airplane that large should make. I would also like you to look at the lawn in front and notice that there are no airplane parts on it. Let us now look at the third picture, which is also of the pentagon taken from a U.S. TV news report has captions that show the roof of the Pentagon is still intact. Again even though a huge airplane is supposed to have hit, there is not enough corresponding damage. Now let us move to the next photograph. Here is a photograph of a hole, as Minister Komura knows the Pentagon is a very strong building with many walls. Yet the airplane has pierced them. But as you know, airplanes are made of the lightest possible material. An airplane made of such light material could not make a hole like that. Next I would like to show a photograph of how the airplane hit the building. The airplane made a U-turn, avoiding the Defense Secretary's office and hitting the only part of the Pentagon that had been specially reinforced to withstand a bomb attack.

Also, in the middle of page five we have a comment from a U.S. airforce official. He says I have flown the two types of airplane used on 911 and I cannot believe it would be possible for someone who is flying one for the first time to be able to carry out such a maneuver. Also, as you know, they have not recovered the flight recorders from most of these 4 airplanes. Also, there were more than 80 security cameras at the Pentagon but they have refused to release almost all of the footage. In any case, as you have just seen there is no picture of the airplane or of its wreckage in any of these photographs. It is very strange that no such pictures have been shown to us.

As you know Japan's self-defense forces have their headquarters in Ichigaya. Can you imagine if an airplane hit a major city, if an hour and a half after an airplane hit New York that an airplane could hit the Pentagon? In such a situation how could our allies allow such an attack to take place. I would like the Defense Minister to answer this.


his answer

Defense Minister Fuyushiba Ishiba:

I have not prepared so I will have to answer ad-lib. If such a situation took place then the airforce would send fighters up to shoot down any airplanes. This is what happened with an attack on the German constitutional court. In the case of Japan our reaction would depend on what kind of airplane it was, who was flying it and what their purpose was. However, according to our laws it might be hard to order an airplane to be shot down just because it was flying at a low level. We would probably have self-defense forces fly with it and ask for a cabinet decision. Since an airplane would have many people on board we would have do discuss what to do. This happened a long time ago but a Cesna airplane was flown into the house of a person called Yoshio Kodama. There was also an All Japan Airways flight bound for Hakodate that was hijacked and had the pilot killed. It would be best if such a thing never happened but we need to prepare new laws for such situations and discuss them in Parliament.

they're gone

they're gone already...anybody grab them?


And now YouTube is mysteriously down........

The videos are working fine again.

Did this affect the whole

Did this affect the whole issue of giving oil to the coalition forces? It doesn't seem to have had an immediate effect, but I may be missing something. We really have to salute the honor and courage of someone that is willing to stand up before these people and present such a measured argument. I wish we were more Japanese...we could have ninja assassins slice the neo-cons into nice little pieces...



This video coverage of the Japanese PM getting grilled by a Japanese legislator who is SAAVY TO 9/11 TRUTH ISSUES . . . . WOOOOWWWWW!!!

This give such incredible hope.

Now, our task is to put so much gathering pressure on US media that they can no longer ignore reports like this.

How? We have to alert milliions of new eyes to 9/11 truth as fast as possible.

As I've said the new "The Shell Game" coming out from NY Times best selling Novelist, Steve Alten can help if WE can help it go to #1 on the NY Times list, the media will be FORCED to discuss it.

If you go to "The Shell Game"s website www.TheShellGame.net and then select "911 Links" it'll list the two wonderful 9/11 truth seeking organizations "Pilots for 9/11 Truth" and "PatriotsQuestion911.org" so readers of his explosive novel, can immediately get connected with 9/11 truth organizations.

Also, check out the "911 Trailer" for "The Shell Game" at www.theshellgame.net and you'll see it is a 9/11 truth video clip. Yes, it is advertising the novel, but it is helping out 9/11 truth.

As these revelations come out from abroad as people in Japan and Denmark, etc. etc. wake up to 9/11 truth, and through entertainment/education books like "The Shell Game" gaining noteriety in the US . . . the pressure on US media and Congress grows to stop pretending the official 9/11 myth is real.

Interesting times !! Again, THANK YOU Pilots for 9/11 Truth, and PatriotsQuestion911.org for this great video series of Japan waking up to the truth of 9/11.

The wall is crumbling. Cheney et al must be VERY nervous at this point. Share these videos widely!!

Yes! Yes! Yes!

I'm ecstatic! Was feeling pretty down especially as the year began realizing the clock was ticking to 7yrs!

Our efforts are not in vain.

Let's Press On For Truth!

I hope the family members, the Jersey Girls etc are aware of these recent developments.

We have to support the 911 Truth Movement in Japan. Hope the guys at TruthAction.org can hook up with them and synergize efforts when it comes to Truth Actions, Demonstrations, Petitions, Media Blitzes etc.

How about networking with Jap Students in Universities Across the US as well as Japan who are interested in Truth and Freedom?

The possibilites are endless. There is much we can do.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

Before you were saying we need confirmation

I think these translations and videos are quite good, but there is a mistake at the beginning, as I discuss below. Please be a little more patient. Thanks, and thanks for telling me about this in the first place.

Let's get real

You write:

"Now, our task is to put so much gathering pressure on US media that they can no longer ignore reports like this."

No offense intended, but you just don't get it.

The US media won't be relaying any reports about this or anything like it. The US media is controlled by the same forces that perpetrated 9/11. 9/11 and the MSM are two arms of the same octopus. The revolution will not be televised, as the old song goes.

So far as this Japanese politician is concerned, I hope for his family is well provided for: He may be wellstoned any time now.

No, we operate in, and will continue to operate in, guerilla terms. Our peaceful revolution won't be televised, but it will be posted on the Internet.

Very Cool:

www.theshellgame.net has over fifty links to the best 9/11 Truth sites: Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth,
George Washington's Blog, Scientists for 9/11 Truth and Justice, The FealGood Foundation, Cooperative Research, on and on.
"9/11 Press for Truth", "9/11 Mysteries", and "Loose Change- Final Cut" all get prominent places on Alten's Links pages.

Mistake still there

At the beginning of the first video, after Fujita says tells the Prime Minister that he may recall Fujita's question from November about whether terrorism is a war or a crime, Fujita does NOT say this:

"The 'War on Terror' started with the attacks of 9/11."

He says:


"Masa ni, konkai no houan no genten ha, 9.11 na wake desukeredomo"

Which translates as:

"And as we all know, the starting point [or premise] of this bill is 9/11"

This is an important point, as I already discussed in the comments linked below.

Later, in transcripts I've seen, he says both that 9/11 was the starting point of the war and terror and that 9/11 is the starting point of the two bills, which means the government's proposal and the alternative bill of Fujita's party, which emphaszes development assistance to Afghanistan as a means of eliminating terrorism. (Because Japanese does not have a separate form for plural, when he says "bill" in my translation above, he may be referring to both bills. I would have to know if both bills were introduced and/or discussed at the November meeting, and even then wonder if context alone is enough without asking Mr. Fujita.

(Instead of "starting point," "origin," or "premise," or even "justification" might convey more of what he means- the word used does directly translate as starting point so that's probably fine too. Also, "was we all know" above is my translation of "masa ni" - undoubtedly might also work - it's just a phrase of emphasis.)

But here, he did NOT say war on terror. He is referring to an earlier meeting at which the government discussed, and maybe introduced, it's new anti-terrorism bill, and he says the starting point of that bill is 9/11.

I need to figure out what "Honkaigi" means - I think it is a legistative term of art for a particular point in the legislative process, and ideally, the statements about the November meeting will be translated more specifically than "you may recall I asked you in November." So this part is not exact. It is not inaccurate - it just does not convey all the information said. Perhaps it need not.

Regardless, the translation is incorrect. I'm not alleging anything; I assume it is a mistake. But accuracy of translation is of course important.

By all means, look at this videos, as the transcripts I've seen seem fine and you can get a very good idea of what he said. But I will not be promoting these videos until I am sure they are absolutely correct. They don't need to be perfect, but they cannot be plain wrong as in this case. So I need to know that there are no more mistakes. I'll try to do that today. Please wait, especially if you are going to send these to the press or public officials. And please be willing to send notification of corrections to anyone you do choose to send the videos to.

I said this in response to a blog by jazzdicekey, who has been working on or posting subtitled videos and I think did this one, here:


and in response to Fulford's translation here:


I am well-qualified to comment on the translations. Whoever did this has done yeoman's work and I really appreciate it -- it's easy to critique and I'm sure I would make mistakes also. But this is very important, as I think we all see, and should be done right. These translations are quite good and obviously done by very skilled persons. But Ideally, Mr. Fujita's party would have these done independently and professionally, by native speakers of English assisted by native speakers of Japanese, and release them officially in the party's name, with a link to the translator's certification.

When you are finished...

Put together a blog entry with all of your concerns so we can link to it.

OK - here's the first video review

When I finish, I will put this all together in one blog entry as you suggest. I'll just do the first video now.

I am satisfied that other than the first mistake above, and the lack of explanation at the very beginning of the procedural issues of the November meeting which I think are important, the subtitles in the first video are accurate.


I really can't emphasize this enough. The first subtitle "I would like to talk about the origins of the war on terrorism" is NOT what he said. While that is up in English he is going into detail about the legislative meeting related to the introduction of the government's anti-terrorism bill. This totally changes the meaning and significance of what he is saying -- he's not just getting up and talking about the war on terrorism in general, he's talking about whether 9/11 is a sound basis for legislation. I hope people see how important that is -- think Patriot Act, for example. Why has this error not been fixed? I don't think the video should be sent to anyone until it is fixed.

Another mistake that I think is important:

Near the beginning, he doesn't just say "how do you it was Al Qaeda," he says "how do you know it was Al Qaeda, or just Al Qaeda?"

Later, he says this about the Taliban -- how do you know it was the Taliban, or just the Taliban? The subtitle only says how do you know it was the Taliban. It's not clear to me what he is implying here (he have just repeated the form he used in asking about the Taliban), but that's what he said.

Other than that, the subtitles could be a bit more complete. A couple of times, he repeats the idea of this being a crime that needs investigation, and I don't think that can be emphasized enough so I would like to see it in subtitle each time he says it. But this idea is conveyed by the other times he says it that are subtitled.

He also uses the world "konkyo," or basis, saying what is your basis for thinking the Taliban, or just the Taliban, was behind 9/11. He uses that word after asking how did you confirm this, so the idea is there, but he repeats the idea with the strong word "konkyo," which implies a sound basis for believing something. So I would like to see it included.

Finally, when the guy in the background announces "Prime Minister," and then announces the Foreign Minister by title and name, I would like to see that in subtitle.

A couple of more problems:

Fujita asks about at one point how the Japanese government made its official determination, as the Japanese government, that 9/11 was carried out by Al Qaeda.

The Prime Minister earlier talks about comprehensively reviewing information then making a determination. He also talks about exchanging information on the attacks and on responses.

These ideas are generally conveyed, but for full accuracy and completeness, these parts should be redone.

Thanks for your input Dwightvw

I appreciate you trying to get this information as accurate as possible. Have you been able to contact the source regarding their errors? Here is their website http://www.911video.de/ (as was shown in the videos).

I would contact them myself, but i dont know which is the "Contact Us" link as i'm not versed in their language.

Let me know how you make out and perhaps rep can update the errors.

Thanks again for your input.


use the US version ;-)

there is a translated version..


Two more

Minor problem:

At 3:13-3:24, Prime Minister says they sent the National Police Agency emergency team to the response headquarters established in the New York Japanese consulate.

Possibly major problem:

at 2:51-256, he says "chokusetus kansetsu" or "chokusetu kansatsu" then unintelligible words, then reached that conclusion."

If he said "chokusetsu kansatsu" that would be "direct observation" and he may be saying "you didn't have direct observation so how did you reach that conclusion?" I need to confirm what he said before translating.

Sorry to make this my workspace, everyone, but I want to get it posted.

johndoex, thanks for posting this. I'll try through YouTube and the German site to tell the translators about this blog.

Youtube Message

I just sent a message through YT to your comment link as well...

Teamwork is a wonderful thing... many hands make light work... one of the reasons i posted this blog.

Also added Parts 6, 7, 8 above.


Turns out he did say "origins of war on terror"

which is in the subtitles, just before the start of the first video above.

Someone has posted a complete streaming video here:


The first video above begins at 9:43 of the streaming video. The mistaken translation I've been pointiing out about the starting point of the anti-terrorism bill, not the war on terror, comes soon after and still stands.

At his blog, Fujita says he is going to post a transcript within a few days. I hope he also plans on posting a certified translation.

Get this out there.

I put an entry about this on Wikipedia entry for Yukihisa Fujita ... of course, i will do this but, perhaps some of you can keep an eye on this to make sure it doesn't get erased or changed....


Make sure you send transcripts and links to video (with proviso that translation may be updated as more people work on it) to your local, state and federal politicians and bureaucrats ... it may give them the nerve to speak out.

Also, all you with video and DVD burning ability ... get this in a nice format, burn it and get it out there.

This is what we have been asking for all along ... pinch yourself ... the questions are starting !!

As a movement, this is the point were we have literally reached the beginning of our goal.... questions at the highest level of a first world, democratic, major economic country.

Keep pressing on this ... this should be everyone's focus!

Part 2 of 4 translation

Part 2 has no major problems, except a skip. But there are parts that could be made more precise.

0:13 "how you determined who they were" is more accurately "how you identified their bodies"

0:55 "As for how we know this" should be " As for identification of the bodies"


"So you talking about victims of a crime, and saying that you do not known because you do not have documents. Also you say you believe there was DNA testing, I guess done in America. That's not confirmation [confirmed identification of the bodies], is it? "

The current translation is generally accurate, but I think that every time Fujita emphasizes this is a crime that should be included. Therefore, add "So you talking about victims of a crime"

1:40 "I want to say today that this was a crime---terrorism is a crime---and crimes are suppose to be investigated." Adding "terrorism is a crime"

2:02 Skip in video -- what was cut?

2:05 Fujita says "Foreign Minister" but don't know what question he want answered because of the cut. But probably the same question the bureaucrat answered about the bodies.

Where are the intelligent and brave members of OUR congress?

When I watched this intelligent, persistant, well-informed and polite Japanese lawmaker, I was very proud of him.

But I was also sickened by the fact that so few of his U.S. counterparts in the House and Senate give anything more than a passing glance at the 9/11 Truth movement, nor have they ever seriously questioned any of the lies and outright impossibilites of the Official Fairy Tale.

He is holding his country accountable for simply going along with the U.S. Fairy Tale Dep't. and not doing any independent investigation or research into the matter. What a briliant and dedicated elected official. Makes me want to move to Japan.

"For my part, whatever anguish of spirit it might cost, I am willing to know the whole truth; to know it - now"
- Patrick Henry

What's really sad . . .

is that many Japanese law professors when I studied there in the early 1990s used to look to the U.S. for examples of sound public administration. For example, I had an environmental law professor that was a big fan of the Office of Technology Assessment in Congress as a model for democratic but science-based governance to balance the power of bureaucracies. That's where Joel Hirschhorn worked, before it was abolished. I wonder if NIST could have gotten away with its bogus report with OTA there to provide an alternative report.


I wonder if Japanese still look to the United States as a model. Fujita's questions suggest the shine is off. It's time we restored it.

Official transcript is coming

Mr. Fujita has indicated at his blog that a transcript of his questions and the ministers' answers will be posted as soon as it is complete. He's written an article about his intent in asking the questions, here:


I'm going to wait for the transcript, then compare it to Benjamin Fulford's translation and the subtitles for completeness and accuracy. I'm hoping that his party will post a professional, certified translation, which would be ideal.

I have reviewed Part 7 of 8 in the above videos, and there are a few problems that I will roughly identify:

At around 0:48, after saying there has not been a proper investigation and analysis by the Japanese government, he talks about Japanese involvement in U.S.-led military operations, investigation of victims since this is a crime, and assistance to the victims' families, and that he thinks that Japanese government has not taken action on these matters. It's a little unclear to me, but I think he is saying that a new and proper investigation and analysis must be the starting point for the government's response to all these matters. All this can be gotten from other statements he made, so this sentence is just somthing missing and not an inaccuracy. It can wait until a transcript is released.

At around 1:26, the subtitle reads "too many victims" but I think he said too much has been sacrificed. Also, missing from this part is his statement that the Japanese government is relying on indirect information from the U.S. government. So he is saying that the stakes are so high that the Japanese government should not rely on indirect reports of the U.S. government.

At around 2:27, there's any interesting exchange where he addresses the Defense Minister by name, and I think he says "Defense Minister Ishiba's name is attached to this report" about U.S. military response on 9/11. The Defense Minister then looks up at him and goes "hmmmph." That's an interesting exchange that the subtitles should explain.

Overall so far, I'm finding that the subtitles for videos 1, 2, and 7, are basically sound, but could be improved. My biggest concern remains the subtitles beginning of the first video, which fail to set the context of considering the government's anti-terrorism bill. That appears later on, but should also appear at the beginning.

I'm going to finish with Part 8 of 8 because I don't have time. Parts 3-6 concern the evidence, which frankly I'm not as interested in, and which are somewhat self-explanatory through the visual aids. I'm waiting for the transcript on these. I'm sure the subtitles are adequate to understand what's going on, and how meaningless the responses are.

I don't really care if Fujita chose faulty evidence or didn't make the best case for why an investigation is proper. Any number of arguments could be made. We all know that there has not been a real and open investigation. It's the political and legal arguments he makes that interest me.

Excellent buddy!

Thanks. You have set high standards for accuracy and that is admirable.

I just had to do some celebrating. It looked to me 2008 would just be another year of more repeated Official Denials and Marginalization of 911 Truth, but it looks like we have a better chance of getting this out to the International Audience in a significant way.

Lets make sure we maximize this information to yield the best results for the 911 Victims. Those who died and who are still dying - the 1st Responders.

Only Justice will bring Closure.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

Thanks for getting this started

Yeah, I agree, this is really good. Even if it doesn't change things, and I think it could, it's inspiring. And it's finally something I'm actually qualified to talk about.

Hmmm, interesting timing

Defense Minister Ishiba has been talking about UFOs recently, just after the Chief Cabinet Secretary Machimura said it at an official press conference. Those crazy Japanese -- first cabinet officials talk about UFOs, then a legislator talks 9/11 conspiracy theory. Actually, Fujita started talking about 9/11 in November, before the ministers started talking about UFOs.



I am not a believer of Ets,

I am not a believer of Ets, green men and alien visitations.

Having said that, in the interest of free and fair exchange of information, this is some disturbing info:



Campaign for Disclosure Witnesses Panel

National Press Club Washington, DC

Originally Broadcast Live on Wednesday, May 9, 2001

On Wednesday, May 9th, over twenty military, intelligence, government, corporate and scientific witnesses came forward at the National Press Club in Washington, DC to establish the reality of UFOs or extraterrestrial vehicles, extraterrestrial life forms, and resulting advanced energy and propulsion technologies. The weight of this first-hand testimony, along with supporting government documentation and other evidence, will establish without any doubt the reality of these phenomena, according to Dr. Steven M. Greer, director of the Disclosure Project which hosted the event.


I probably will get some heat for posting this here.

I AM not advocating ET's, UFO's etc.

However, it seems like some top retired military, scientists, politicians etc are talking about it.

Pls see: http://disclosureproject.com/aboutexecsumm.htm

Astronaut Edgar Mitchell and Gordan Cooper are listed here.

So is Admiral Lord Hill-Norton: Five-Star Admiral, Former Head of the British Ministry of Defense

Too big to ignore. I wonder what the real agenda is.

UFO's could just be classified aircraft. The SR-71, the F-117 etc were classified for decades.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

A link would have been enough

I'm not trying to start a conversation about the merits of UFO questions. But yeah, I agree that classified aircraft is not surprising at all.


The whole point of appealing to the UFO crowd is to pack the movement with people who will believe anything.

While some UFOs may be real, ask yourself who you know that spends time on UFO forums and going to UFO events. While a minority may be PhDs, etc., the only people I know into UFOs that much have shown *no criticial thinking skills* around the issue of the 9/11 attacks -- IOW, they fell for every hoax right away and functioned to spread them as human carriers spread a virus.

The best way to destroy our work is to keep us going in circles to cope with mis- and dis-info and so funneling people w/o critical thinking skills into the movement is one way to stop us.

The more people we have who are linking 9/11 and UFOs, the more we find ourselves in a swamp of nonsense that we have to debunk.

You have a point

We should though have some knowledge on this "UFO movement", because some big names are talking about it worldwide.

I don't see the connection to 911. My above posting was to provide a link that demonstrates that high officials in numerous organizations are discussing the theme of UFOs. I believe there is a hidden agenda behind this. Exactly what it may be, is beyond me.


"After the media attention generated by Chief Cabinet Secretary Nobutaka Machimura’s remarks on the possible existence of UFOs, it was only a matter of time before super otaku Defense Minister Shigeru Ishiba commented on the existence of aliens:"

"“There are no grounds for us to deny that there are unidentified flying objects (UFOs) and some life-form that controls them,” Ishiba told reporters, saying it was his personal view and not that of the defence ministry."

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

Hear, hear.

Anytime I see "UFO" on a 9/11 forum my "spider-sense" starts to tingle...


Nevertheless, we should be informed about the topic so we can rebut anyone with strange unsubstantiated theories. Personally I think if they are not hoaxes, they are experimental aircraft.

The field of "conspiracy theory" is filled with the treacherous terrain of disinformation.

911 is far from just another conspiracy theory, however, for the mass public it is sometimes relegated to that category and other UFO related material. We will bound to come across proponents of Ufology sooner or later when we dissemintae our info.

So lets be prepared to argue and convince them the merits of our case.

Handling disinfo comes with the territory and part and parcel of our responsibilites.

Time and Truth will tell.
The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

That's my point

though I'm not worried about UFO questioners being drawn into the movement, I'm worried about UFO questioners being linked to 9/11 questioners -- "oh those people fall for any old hoax.". That would be the obvious use of this link.

I'm certainly not trying to link 9/11 and UFOs. I don't care about UFOs, or the Apollo moon landings for that matter. I'm not saying there's nothing to these questions, because I don't know. The more I learn about 9/11, the less I doubt the power of mass delusions. It's just that the discrediting effect is so obvious, and these issues don't t directly relate to 9/11 even if true, so I don't like ti when people bring it up

I'm wondering if the Japanese government is trying to suggest this link. Fujita started questioning the premise of 9/11 in November at least. I have to wonder if these ministers knew that Fujita was raising "crazy" questions about 9/11 and decided to make some "crazy" statements of their own to muddle and discredt, among the Japanese public and/or the world public. "Look what the crazy Japanese parliament is saying now."

I just thought it was interesting that when I googled the Defense Minister this story popped up. Fujita of course would be the target of this technique, not complicit in it. What, am I wrong for mentioning this? What tripe.

>>What, am I wrong for

>>What, am I wrong for mentioning this? What tripe.

Not sure what you mean, but no I wouldn't say you're wrong.

My points on UFOs/9/11truth are not directed at anyone on here in particular but are general points regarding stuff to notice, stuff to consider, etc. around the issues of mis- and disinformation. All too often people just go along unaware and then are surprised later on.

>>I'm wondering if the Japanese government is trying to suggest this link.

They have supported Bush Admin in a number of ways, so this would seem likely. Just a guess.


Some even believe the moon landings were hoaxed!

We need to guard against these gullible types at all costs, as they are a huge liability and risk the credibility of the movement.

Rockefeller grants in the late 1930ties...

In the early days of 911 research, and forums on US psy-war operations, the forums would be inundated with hundreds of pictures of photo-shopped aliens. This was a clear sign to me that the “UFO”-folks were manipulated by professional counter intelligence. The “spamming” photo’s made the pages unreadable with slow internet connections.

I later read an article in “Nexus” magazine, implying that a faction out of the “disclosure-group” actually were trying to disclose that the Pentagon was running a psy-war operation to introduce a further element of doubt among the population, to better control them. This brings me to research done at Princeton University in the late 30ties early 40ties. On the basis of the experiment with airing Orson Well’s “War of the Worlds”, they studied how to instil fear on a mass scale to the population, to better control them. Much of the basic research and experiments had already been done by German propaganda researchers imported/invited from the Third Reich. This research group later went on to become the propaganda arm of the National Security Council.

I learned this from an amazing research article over at http://www.mackwhite.com/tv.html. To me, the highly publicized “Crop Circle” phenomenon can be likened to how the former church elites organised “Miracles” to instil doubt and better control the populace.

My advice would be to listen with interest, but be aware how the art of instilling doubt has been used in the past by the elites to consolidate their power.

The physics and logistics of the 911 Psy-War operations were designed for maximum shock and awe on us, the domestic and western population, to control us. When the initial shock was gone, we had ample opportunity to study its psy-war construction. It IS a carefully prepared psy-war beyond all reasonable doubt.

I do not have an opinion on M. Stephen Greer, I have not carefully looked at his work, but I do feel it is interesting that the DC National Press Club meeting was held on May 9th 2001. This could be part of a run up to the 9/11 Psy-Op, to instil confusion and help discredit reasonable investigation into the official myths of 9/11. It is possible that a lot of the “chem.-trails” talk, and “Armstrong never set his foot on the moon” people where also knowingly, or un-knowingly, spreading information carefully prepared by people who were working for a government program that was started with Rockefeller grants in the late 1930ties.

Be like Saint Thomas, and believe your OWN eyes and critical reasoning!


Dr Beeth

Thank-you George Washington, for your essay: "Why We'll Win" http://www.911blogger.com/node/13410
Recent google-video of importance for those who missed it: “What is wrong with today’s media” : http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=2293923683440246993&hl=en-CA

"Unflinching, unswerving, fierce intellectual determination, as citizens, to define the real truth of our lives and our societies is a crucial obligation which devolves upon us all. It is in fact mandatory. (Harold Pinter)

Benjamin Fulford interviews Rockeller, etc.

As a Canadian I know Benjamin Fulford a little more than most of where he is coming from.

He is a member of a family that has done medium type work in the past.

The grandmother acted as a medium for Canada's PM King back in the 1930s and 1940s at the home of the multi-millionaire Fulford family home in Brockville, Ontario on Lake Ontario.

The family blames the Rockefellers for having murdered the multi-millionaire of the family in 1905 when he tried to hire Tesla for projects. Fulford was also a Senator in Canada. The family was in politics after with the son becoming a member of parliament also.

Fulford's father was an MP and was ambassador to Saudi Arabia. He has been able to get a lot of info on world politics over the years besides being bureau chief for Forbes Mag in Tokyo for 6 years quitting after their apparent corruption left him cold.

Fulford and the Yakuza or whoever -- in Japan share this blood-bond -- they both blame the Rockefellers for murder -- the Rockefellers are blamed for the more recent murder of two Japanese bankers.