The worst of Hearst

I realize that the Popular Mechanics "Debunking" book is old hat and has been rebutted by many. However, the book is still prominently displayed in chain book stores and so I thought it worthwhile that someone with a journalistic background go over some of the problems in the Hearst book.

Please see my essay

The worst of Hearst

Excellent work! Keep it up!

Excellent work! Keep it up! I love debunking the debunkers.

Justin A. Martell

In a soldier's stance, I aimed my hand at the mongrel dogs who teach! Fearing not that I'd become my enemy in the instant that I preach! My pathway led by confusion boats...mutiny from stern t

melt point

Steel melts at ~2700 deg F not 1500.


'Steel melts at ~2700 deg F not 1500.'

Correct--although 1500 would be about the celsius equivalent of 2700 fahrenheit, which causes me to wonder whether the author simply meant to say celsius but typed 'F' for fahrenheit by mistake.

He goes on to write, 'One would think that that much heat at Ground Zero would have been reported by emergency workers and the press.' But weren't there reports of such intense heat? Of the soles of boots worn by first responders melting? I recall a segment in '9/11 Mysteries' in which CBS's Ed Bradley was hearing such accounts from Ground Zero workers.

In any case, what's at issue here is the cause of such heat--Popular Mechanics says piles of burning debris resulting from the plane impacts would have acted like 'ovens,' and are sufficient to account for the unusually persistent high-temperatures at Ground Zero; while for us, this is just one more dubious claim of theirs; a heat source of greater intensity than that afforded by the plane impacts and the ensuing fires would have been needed.

If copies are prominently

If copies are prominently displayed around you, when you are in the store move all copies to the fiction section.


If the staff asks what you are doing, you can tell them that you're just trying to help by moving the books to their appropriate place.

Off topic.

Apologies for being off topic here but permit me to make a dire prediction.
The election is beginning to shape up to be a McCain/Obama battle.
The Rovian propaganda apparatus is already gearing up to destroy Obama before he even gets close to the White House.
They will also ratchet up the terror rhetoric by mid summer with the climax being an actual act of terror by the time September rolls around.
Then they will be in a position to finish off an already battered Obama and bring in the "tough on Terror" team of (and get this,) McCain and Guilianni.
Knowing the history of these ruthless manipulators, this scenario is not all that outrageous


Rove wants to run against Clinton. President McCain and Vice-President Liberman is the goal. It would be great for John Stewart.

They had to allow the votes to be counted and for Obama to win SC but now its back to rigging the elections.

If McCain wins

I will move to Mars. What in the world has happened to America? There was a time I loved this country. Now I think it is the most evil country in human history. What in the world has happened and how can we Americans change it? There must be an answer. Even if it means a revolution. These thugs who have taken over must be taken out of power and punished severely.

Frankly, untill political

Frankly, untill political positions are filled the same way
jury boxes are filled, by everyday citizens being called
to duty there will never be honest government in the
Untill honest government prevails, the citizens are the
ultimate losers. Sadly, it is only the citizens who can change
Running for office should be available to every citizen, not
just the finincial elite and DC insiders.
I ask you, is there anyone currently running for President that
we can honestly say has the best interests of the population in
Are these candidates really the BEST America has to offer?

Cynthia McKinney

Cynthia McKinney.

Maybe its time to really give a serious go with a third party.

I've never understood the two-party thing

"Maybe its time to really give a serious go with a third party."

Well, it definitely IS, isn't it? And perhaps a fourth too, some day.

Dreaming again.

Why not all the good Americans move up here to Canada. You would be more than welcome and together we could recreate the democracy that America was meant to be.
There I go dreaming again.

MP3 - Davin Coburn, Senior "Fact Checker"

Wednesday August 23, 2006
Senior Popular Mechanics Fact Checker Davin Coburn Speaks With Radio Talk Show Host Charles Goyette

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Wednesday September 27, 2006
Web Phone Activist Pumpitout Gives Davin Coburn A Follow-up Call At Hearst Headquarters (Listen to Davin Coburn interview above first)

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More MP3 Audio Clips >

A site i show everyone who does not understands

our Media and who owns it.

Popular Mechanics Owned By War Profiteers

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