Ex-Congressman: U.S. Government Created Al-Qaeda, Involved In 9/11

yes well...

it is always governments that create war and mayhem, the us govenment is simply the largest and most deadly thus far, dont say we werent warned , eisenhower names who ithink was the chief culprets in the 911 mass murder the military industrial complex of the united states, and i would add and israel..........and their associated intelligance agencies ,. theymurder citizens of any country their own or others and always have thru history , so now that we know who did 911 what shall we do to stop a repeat performance, work for exposure of the mass murder crime before they nuke up and throw the radioactive survivors in concentration camps

do not guiottine this good man

every politician who recognizes the elephant in americas living room and stops partaking in treason deservs the admiration and protection of the people

It's a very good article...

Everyone should read and take to heart what this article co-authored by Hamburg means:

"Rule by fear or rule by law"

...don't believe them!

What's missing from this picture?

Well and good, but I see that the Hearst-owned (think: Popular Mechanics; yellow journalism) San Francisco Chronicle didn't let 9/11 truther Hamburg mention a key piece of the puzzle:

The same executive branch that's building these concentration camps and human cargo transport trains (beginning under Clinton) also staged 9/11 to scare the public into accepting the impositions of these outrages.