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Webster Tarpley is the reason I'm here!

I've always harbored doubts about 9/11, neat collapses of 110-plus story twin towers and lack of Air Force response. My attitude was perhaps like most average Americans? If there was something wrong, someone would take the time and effort to bring it out in the open? In all honesty, I figured it was simply blowback for our cruel foreign policies.

My personal growth began with the unauthorized bio of Gerorge H.W. Bush. I kept coming back to it, reading a little here, more there. It's Omaha chapter held much interest since I've been captivated at times by the Franklin Cover Up. It was when refreshing my mind on the Franklin Cover Up that I experienced something akin to an epiphany!

I was truly amazed by the new life the Franklin Cover Up enjoyed because of the Catholic Church pedophilia scandals! John DeCamp, the author, released a 2005 edition and had been supplying interviews through online podcasts! I finally accepted it was all true. The Catholic Church's association with ritualistic abuse, satanic worship, mind control, elite pedophilia were a reality after all! DeCamp had been the first to file a lawsuit against the Catholic Church in 1992 because of child abuse by pedophiles! In 2005, there was also the White House press corp scandal with the Guckert, Gannon flap, and the belief by many, Gannon is actually Johnny Gosch, who was a twelve year old paper boy from West Des Moines, IA on his route at the time of his abduction in 1982.

With my interest piqued, I came across Webster Tarpley on You Tube videos explaining the drills and the events on the day of 9/11. These were powerful and compelling arguments! They make the most sense of any explanation that I've heard to date! Tarpley's arguments are the only ones to offer an adequate explanation for the lack of Air Force response! They were drills gone live under the command of rogue elements inside our government! In the confusion of spurious radar blips, our defenses were overwhelmed and with the added guise of a drill, made the tragedy possible.

On the other hand, the manner with which the Bush administration hasn't held anyone accountable and even promote a few officials, I'm uncertain what we gain with a good explanation? Our government seems to have a finger-wagging attitude towards its citizens?

Still, it took the National Security Presidential Directive 51 in May, which followed the Military Commissions Act of 2006 and the John Warner Defense Authorization Act of 2007 to get me out of my chair! You have be obtuse not to--GET IT--at this point! I'd resisted Alex Jones' rhetoric as too strident, but it appears he's been right all along! These hideous neofacist spirits by genetics and constitution are still out there with their beliefs apparently unaltered and intact!

I've left out mention of Loose Change, 9/11 Mysteries and broadband as additional catalysts. I had already read my first book on 9/11, David Ray Griffin's, "The New Pearl Harbor," last year. All of these helped fuel my personal education! I feel like Richard Andrew Grove, a 9/11 whistleblower, what we were taught in school was the only knowledge they intended for us. There's plenty the ruling elite doesn't want us to ever realize!

Global domination in a do or die ultimatum seems to be the course for the neocon(neofacist) agenda of the Bush regime. Iran seems to be only a matter of time with three battle carrier groups in the region? Financial collapse is assured with as Tarpley describes it, "the (inevitable and unavoidable) unwinding." These are the palpable forces driving the insanity!.

Ironically, I find, yes, we are living in frightening yet still intriguing times! There's the distinct possibility the common citizen may actually benefit in the end. There's the opportunity to do something about the stranglehold grip a creeping fascism has on America! We may, in fact, actually gain from struggle! I don't know about you, but I'm ready! I'm just sick of these guys!

We also have an advantage! We are not afflicted by a pressured insanity such as our leaders! It sounds strange but I believe it to be the utter reality! I don't know about anyone else, but I'm going to do something to inform as many as I can about our current plight! I don't want to wait to see Cheney's fears of a terrorist attack come true!

My conscience has taken over! I never thought I'd be an activist or that I'd attend a 9/11 Truth Conference (VANCOUVER)? I seem to be doing this out of instinct and intuition! I find, I must do something or I won't forgive myself if I end up in a FEMA camp due to "a declared emergency"! That's it in a nutshell!