Montreal 9/11 Truth to City Hall: If there is an attack we will not believe you

For more information on the contract that was signed between Verint and the city of Montreal, and Verint's role in the London underground during the 7/7 bombings, check out "Montreal, the Next Terror Target?" on youtube at

I pray to god nothing happens to my city that I love so much. However, if anything does happen and I survive, I pledge not to believe any story they give me about Al Qaeda or Iran and I will fight until my last breath to make sure we get a full independent investigation into the event.

a tiny hero

can make a huge difference. thank you for doing this.


If we keep such ideas in the public sphere, we make the criminals that much more afraid to try again.

I agree

well done.

That was brilliant! Very

That was brilliant! Very brave!


How stupid do they think we are?? Oh never mind.


Well done man . That was a great display of taking action.
Keep up the great work . you are a role model to us all.
Mike in Florida....

"We are going to keep up this fight till the end, till the very end... They took it from the top to the bottom. We're gonna take it from the bottom to the top!" -Dan Wallace

I just called my congressman (Wolf, Virginia 10th)

... referencing to this comment by the polite gentleman from Montreal, that I too, will not soon believe an explanation given by the administration as to the perpetrators of some future attack. Period.

I thus added that I hope by my calling, in advance, that my congressman will be pre-armed with my support to instantly challenge the assigning of blame for such an attack to "Al-Qaeda" or "Iran". That the Administration and it's fawning corporate media, have lost my trust entirely, unfortunately EVEN IF they are for once telling the truth. Very dangerous.

My many thanks to both Dan and Gabby for taking down my name, address, phone number and verbose comment, and seeing to it that my congressmen knows how I feel... in advance.

Very effective move.....excellent

Confrontez les terroristes
mis leur sur la notification
ils ne seront pas crus

I subscribe to the belief, voicing your concern actually creates deterrence. Awareness blows their cover. It was accomplished in this video! This is a textbook demonstration on how it should be done!

excellent Montréal

...don't believe them!