"Phantom Flight 11" Calls

I made YouTube videos of three calls on the NEADS tapes (channel 7). They are calls by Boston Center military liaison Colin Scoggins to NEADS about "Phantom Flight 11." The first two are mentioned in the 9/11 Commission report, but the third one isn't, so I guess that's the one that's really interesting. ;)

(audio links below the fold)

First call:

Second call:

Third call:

sounds like

(#1) The false 11 report originated in the Skunk Works, and
(#3) The big-white-with-dark-stripe Skunk Works 747 was 6 miles SW White House. Assuming, of course that the times line up. Or was it 77 on it's big-circle route?

Regarding the third one...

Was that a citizen calling into NEADS reporting something he thought he saw?

Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? Do we deserve to know how and why 9/11 happened?

Pretty sure it's Scoggins

Sounds like him, he starts by saying "Latest report...," the 9/11 CR says it's "Boston Center," Vanity Fair (Bonner) says it's Scoggins.

Is it disputed that there was a passenger uprising on UA93?

Hello from Brisbane, Australia.

This is partly to test out my account, so please forgive me if the post is not quite on topic. The following question about United Airlines Flight 93 was cross-posted to "Flight 93 Never Crashed Into The Empty Shanksville Field" on 911oz.com.

On the You Tube broadcast "Patrick Welsh talks 911 truth", Patrick Welsh, whose wife Debbie (Deborah) Welsh was the purser n Flight 93, seemed to imply that there was no uprising. The words were to the effect of that what happened was not heroic and that the people on board flight 93 were killed by a sidewinder missile fired by his own side.

I would have thought that the actions of the passengers were still heroic even if they ended up being shot down on the order of President W.

It seems that by their actions, if they did indeed overpower the hijackers, they saved the US Capitol building and the lives of many US legislators and probably thwarted a coup planned for that day.

So was Patrick Welsh meaning to say that he thought the uprising did not happen?

What is the best current understanding of that issue?


Some may find of interest my article "Science Show too quick to close discussion of World Trade Center collapses" of 24 Dec 08, which is within candobetter.org/911truth. Comments either there or here are welcome.