Busting into the Media with 9/11 Truth

Our movement seems to be treading water and needs a big event to "Bust into the Media." What are the best prospects for 2009?

Well, as I see it the Truth Commission sought by Senator Patrick Leahy into the Bush Administration would center on various aspects of the war on terror and its constitutional abuses. This could be a potential springboard into 9/11 truth and should be supported by us.

Secondly, Congressman Kucinich has repeatedly promised an inquiry into several aspects of the attacks, especially the highly irregular Put Options which likely indicates insider trading. He should be pushed into keeping his word and to expanding the inquiry into War Games and the PEOC activities. Norman Mineta's testimony should be officially examined. Kucinich could also try to gain access to Pentagon security videos showing what struck the building.

A Freedom of Information Act request for Pentagon videos would also be in order and could translate into media coverage. Additionally we should pressure the Obama Admin. into providing a white paper for Bin Laden's guilt before we commit more troops to Afghanistan. This could open the whole debate about why Bin Laden has never been indicted for 9/11 and why his FBI page doesn't mention these attacks. Is there hard evidence or not, Mr. President?

A Michael Moore sequel to 'Fahrenheit 9/11' could provide the spark we need and break open the media. It is rumored that a documentary will be released by Moore in 2009, although it is unclear what exact material would be covered.

I would like to see Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth get their rightful coverage in exposing evidence for the demolition of the towers. Ideally, they should appear at the National Press Club in Washington, DC.

Even more ideally, Willie Nelson and others (including Jesse Ventura) should hold a Concert for 9/11 Truth at Lafayette Park or elsewhere in D.C. which COINCIDES with A&E's appearance at the National Press Club! The concert would cross-promote the Press Conference.

Just my thoughts.

2009 ...

... is gonna be a good year for 9/11 truth.


Care to elaborate? Just a hunch or is some big project around the corner close to being unveiled .. ?


2009 plans

i helped found a group of 9/11 truth leaders, who discuss such strategies on a monthly teleconference call. Richard Gage has participated, and said that they plan to present their petitions in an announcement at the National Press Club in D.C.; tentatively planned for this October. The leaders are also joining efforts with Sander Hicks to gain a spotlight at THE REAL TRANSPARENCY CONFERENCE on 9/11/09 in NYC, and supporting the NYC 9/11 Ballot Initiative, which will hopefully win a YES referendum vote (Nov. 3, 2009) for an independent investigation and report on 9/11 with a 9/11 Commission that will follow the evidence and use subpoena testimonies to expose what really happened.


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steve alten's idea with jesse and others

steve alten mentioned that he is in the process of a major re-write of his 9/11-based novel The Shell Game, to include the election of Obama, and is a cautionary tale of the next 9/11 neocon false flag operation in 2012.. it will list truth groups for resources of real events in our time.. [Also, it will come out as a mass market paperback with plans to make it a movie.]

Anyway, Steve Alten has contact with a press agent of Jesse Ventura and offered to help contact him to request a Youtube-posted recording of an endorsement for www.AE911truth.org and www.nyc911initiative.org

if anyone can help get any celebrity to record such a statement.. please take actions.. and help AE911 find 1,000 architects and engineers endorsing the petition for a new investigation; and help NYC vote for truth.. NYC taxpayers will not be responsible for funding the investigation. This is a vote worthy to help succeed for our world.


Re: the MYC Ballot initiative...

I hope the ballot initiative has effectively strong means for selecting brave, honest, intelligent, and hard-working commissioners.

We already know what can happen when phonies take over a truth-seeking commission. And in fact, that seems to be what usually happens.

william pepper

yes.. this would be a concern.. This is why the wording of the petition enables the appointed Commissioners:



Respectful Ridicule

How about using ridicule? Ridicule works.

NOT cruel ridicule of people (like the debunkers are so fond of), but ridicule of BELIEFS.

Examples of beliefs that are easily ridiculed.

1: Al Suqami's magic passport which "survived"- unsinged and legible - 10,000 gallons of exploding jet fuel.

2: The magic bandanna at Shanksville.

3: The complete 100% disappearance of a huge jetliner into a hole in the ground (Shanksville).
(How did "the plane" manage to find such a soft spot to disappear into? etc. etc.

2: Bush sitting at a pre-announced location for a half hour and the secret service not removing him to safety. (plus the entire TOTALLY RIDICULOUS idea that "not upsetting the children" was more important than excusing himself and getting on the phone with the Defense Dept. to inform himself with respect to an attack on the entire country.

etc. etc.

Let's get AJ to release one

Let's get AJ to release one of his legion of hollywood stars.

Hope to wake up folks at Sec. of Commerce confirmation hearings

Hopefully new head of NIST, NIST WTC7 Final Report, Free-Fall drop for 8 stories, and NIST attempt to hide the significance will come together at hearings.

I just posted a piece at OpEdNews.


Dwain Deets

All great ideas! Will

All great ideas! Will somebody please start legal actions against Christy Todd Whitman And Rudi Guilliani?