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On a whim, I purchased a book back in 2002 called 'Everything You Know Is Wrong', published by the Disinfo Company. After reading and being shocked by several 9/11-related essays in that book, I began my long journey of study, research, and eventually activism for 9/11 truth.
In 2004 I was reading Michael Rupperts' website 'From the Wilderness' and had discovered 'The New Pearl Harbor' by David Ray Griffin.

Since then, I have been active on websites and message boards, participated in local and regional activism and 9/11 truth related events, and met and befriended many sincere and interesting people as a result. It is my hope that the movement matures enough to be taken seriously by a majority of Americans in demanding truth, justice and accountability. I hope that this leads to a new international investigation into 9/11 so that the family members of the victims of that day get the answers they so desperately need.
I also hope this leads to an end of the wars of aggression in Western Asia, and saner domestic policy in the United States along with the repeal of frustrating and unethical legislation such as the PATRIOT Act.

If we can work together in this, along with other noble causes not necessarily related to 9/11 Truth, then perhaps we can leave a better world to future generations.