New Reports on the Twin Towers Released

On January 8, 2008, I submitted a FOIA Request to NIST asking for all records that relate to the fireproofing upgrades made to the Twin Towers prior to 9/11. I was recently successful in getting three new reports about the condition of the Twin Towers just prior to 9/11 released.

One report is a fire engineering assessment completed by Burro Happold in February of 2000. The other two reports were property condition assessments done by Merritt & Harris, Inc. a year or so prior to 9/11. These reports together total hundreds of pages, and I want them widely released so they can be analyzed in light of the NIST reports on the collapses of the Twin Towers. Note that the Merritt & Harris reports are very large files.

Merritt & Harris Report #1:

Merritt & Harris Report #2:

Burro Happold Report:

Please report any interesting findings here.

Thank you so much for the countless hours & expense...

There are many out here who really appreciate the countless gruelling hours and personal expenses you have incurred in forwarding 9/11 Truth. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You and others have contributed so very much towards the scientific and legal evidence in the 9/11 Truth Movement.

It is my duty and the duty of the rest of us, to back you guys up by disseminating what has been discovered about 9/ exposing the Truth. We owe you guys that much...and we owe it to humanity.

Yes. Thank you. I am not

Yes. Thank you. I am not much help on the technical side of things, but even I, in glancing thrugh the Buro Happold report, found many intriguing areas of inquiry.

- omniadeo

Great !

Thermate video ! Please send to Dr. Steven Jones, and Richard Gage.

ABM Industries, etc.

Here are my notes from a quick read of the MH docs. These things may not be new to others but they were to me.

1) Does Par 4, Pdf Page 14 of MH2 mean that there were entry points to the innards of WTC1 & WTC2 from WTC7?

2) The Capital outlay plan for 2001 mentions $2.4M of expenditure for upgrades to the HVAC and Fire Emergency systems. That work would have been done by or in coordination with ABM Industries.(Pdf Page 64, MH2)

3) ABM Industries signed a contract for the "Electrical, HVAC, and general maintenance" of the WTC (Par 4, Pdf Page 26). This company has Linda Chavez on its BOD. She was almost a Bush II Labor Secretary, one of the few non-Jewish columnists published in the Jewish World Review, and her husband's occupation around 2001 seems to be that he ran a one man "institute." The "Religious Values Institute" ( was funded by the Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation, which some have tied to US policy in the ME. (

Obviously, all of this is merely suggestive of further reserch possibilities and means little by itself.

- omniadeo