Jesse Ventura Episode 6: Manchurian Candidates

Once again, an episode which is worth posting here because the subject of Manchurian Candidates is extremely interconnected to black ops, psyops, assassinations, and the secret world of terror that our clandestine agencies orchestrate.

As with all the other Ventura episodes, this one seems to be 95% good, credible info mixed in with the 5% which appears to discredit. The show proves beyond a shadow of doubt that military-based mind control is a very real thing, and interviews people who have been involved with the so-called "MK Ultra" black ops in addition to showing us screenshots of the declassified CIA MK Ultra documents.

So what's the 5% disinfo? Our good ol' friend General Albert Stubblebine, talking about how it's possible to stare at a goat and explode its heart. Jesse asks what is the evidence for this; Stubblebine says "I've been shown a few examples" but then refuses to comment further. (Roll eyes)

Other than that, a very enlightening episode indeed!


It's hilarious how that guy comes across - like a crazy old neighbor that keeps kids scared with tales of the haunted house at the end of the block. Too bad he got a chance to tarnish this...

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This is true, but... least Jesse didn't seem to eagerly eat up this claim, and indeed he clearly seemed to express deep skepticism about the claim and indeed the man.

That interview with "super soldier" Duncan O'Finioan in Part 6 is truly chilling.

Same with the interview with Black Ops veteran David Corso in Part 5.

Interviewer: "Which means you have been responsible for a lot of assassinations."
Corso: "How very astute of you."

I think it's hilarious...

when comments which state the obvious are downvoted. What exactly are people objecting to?

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see my comment below.

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There is a reason


you're right.

Stubblebine's comments are disinformation. When he was head of Army Intelligence during Reagan's first term he continued "research" into the mind manipulating objects, however the purpose for Stubblebine's lies were/are easy to understand: if the USSR (which still exists) believes that the United States has operational techniques using mind control to affect objects, then the Soviets would divert their resources into such worthless ventures. These are the games the United States and the USSR still play! Don't ask me why. I've asked, and I was told because they (the USA and the USSR) are stupid!

In this regard, Stubblebine is simply doing his duty as a good officer, however I wish Jesse had left Stubblebine's segment out of the show.

Dean Jackson/Editor-in-Chief
Washington, DC

Soviets would divert their resources into worthless ventures...

I'd never thought of that. Sooo many reasons for lies to be told.

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Re. the OP: I totally believe that mind control is being used, and it is some of the most evil stuff around. Humans are used as nothing more than tools.

I really hope this series is waking up a few million people! That shy smile from Sirhan Sirhan, who is still incarcerated to this day, broke my heart.