Willie Nelson talks 9/11 with Larry King on Larry King Live on CNN. (4.16.10)

Willie Nelson busting some knowledge on CNN's Larry King Live this Friday April 16th, 2010.


Willie Nelson.

February 21, 2008 - Willie Nelson busts out 47 seconds of 9/11 skepticism after a question from Juan Gonzalez.

Thank You Willie

and Larry King.

Larry must know and is assisting in our endeavor.

Larry has always known.

He is the eptomy of a snarky leering insider...I remember his lap doggie delight in the whole monstrous show from the beginning. He was constantly talking about "terrorists" and loving every minute of it. He's been around the media his entire life. He's not a moron. He knows damn well what happened.....
His new found "open mindedness" is weird....like they are slowly opening the door to us.

God bless you

Willie....It would be more effective if your were better informed. If you are not sure of the answer mention the over 1000 architects and engineers, the firefighters and the Jersey girls who are all demanding a new independent investigation based on science...And direct the audience to websites i.e. ; ae911truth, firefightersfo911truth, 911blogger.

Hit by a 747 ...

Larry King - "Has any building been hit by a 747 though?"

Can't these media clowns get even the official story right? The twin towers were not hit by 747's,. they were hit by 767's ... big difference, you know! 767 has two engines, 747 has 4, is much bigger, carries many more passengers and has much more landing gear.

"But I'm told the reason it imploded was so much heat from above and so much fuel from the jets caused it to go down rather than over." Oh really, who told you that Larry, that is not what the official NIST report says, is it?. NIST claims the jet fuel burnt off in the first ten minutes, there was no fuel involved in Building 7, it was ordinary office fires, according to the official story.

Not that such minor details ever concern the talking heads of the propaganda mill.


Larry King, at least let the subject get some air, although, not much. WHY was "Willie Nelson-Outlaw" on the screen? Was that on the screen when he was on Larry King? Or is that from the reproduction from MOX? Any one have any info? Disrespecting Willie Nelson, putting Truthers in the category of outlaws is on the PTB (Powers That Be) agenda ? Wouldn't surprise me! His band members got busted for marijuana, and I'm sure the PTB were hoping to put him in a cage, and destroy his credibility. The bust that took place must have been a big disappointment for the big boys, since Willie wasn't on the bus at the time of the surprise visit from the cops. Lots of folks from the South love Willie, and his words hold water to them. The Southern Conservatives pull, that exists in the South is jeajpordized by his honesty and candor.

Gotta love Willie Nelson!

Can LK really be that ill informed..?

Although Willie was talking about WTC7, LK quickly recounted the Twin Tower "collapse theory" and then just says there's a report about it figuring that's the end, there was a report. Don't question it Larry, you'll find yourself in over your head very fast.

FYI blubonnet, The "Outlaw" term you saw probably was on the LKL screen, but I don't believe it was meant to be disrespectful. The "outlaw" term was coined to many country western stars in the 70's and 80's that broke with traditional country music styles such as George Jones, Loretta Lynn, Conway Twitty, Hank Williams Sr., etc... There were a number of high profile country singers that were labeled as "outlaws" such as Kris Kristofferson, Waylen Jennings, Willie, and of course the original outlaw, Hank Williams Jr.

I'd love to see Willie give a big benefit for 9/11. 9/11 Truth Aid?

peace all

"It is forbidden to kill; therefore all murderers are punished unless they kill in large numbers and to the sound of trumpets."
- Voltaire

I just noticed you already explained "Outlaw".

Oh well, I agree and reinforce your assertion dtg86.

The term "Outlaw" refers to a group of country music artists....

who didn't conform to the Nashville mold. Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings were prominent "outlaws".


Still, their choice to use that label at that time could have been calculated.

most of today's country music stars

are corporate pro's. Willie has always been for the small farmer & individual rights.

It would be cool if some up & coming country star, would be vocal about 9.11

Willie should find the right person &boost them up.

Good on ya Willie!

Thanks again, Willie, you've got some big fans here in Ottawa!


If Willie's coming to your town soon, consider going out and handing out 9/11 discs to his fans as they arrive. We had big "thank you" signs right outside the front gate and we gave out hundreds of discs. The people will be in a good mood and are highly likely to take a DVD. Make sure you include some video of Willie on the disc, too, so the people can see their man say his thing. :)

Larry King is not out to help us

That D-bag makes 64 million a year to do his show. It pays to be a propagandist.

Yay Willie !!

Example of what it means to be a citizen.

King has been putting on a

few blips of the truth.

He should host an hour long segment w/ AE911 members, thernite paper writers, jessie, first responders etc etc.

I would imagine it would be a very high rated show.

King: "But I'm told that ...

... the reason is that so much heat from above and so much fuel from the jets caused them to go down and not over."

Oh really Larry? Who told you that? If it's important enough to ask Willie Nelson about, maybe you should ask an engineer or architect what they think caused it.

Yet as ill-informed as his response comes across, there it is on CNN: 9/11 Truth leaking through. Maybe CNN is using King to send up trial balloons. Something's up with King and 9/11, that much is clear. This isn't happening accidentally.

Actually, King's full sentence

was "But I'm told that the reason they imploded was that so much heat from above and so much fuel from the jets caused them to go down and not over."

Yes, King actually conceded that they "imploded," rather than argue against it. Much like Giuliani did when confronted by WeAreChange, and he said [I'm paraphrasing] "we thought they would collapse gradually over a period of hours. We had no idea that they would implode."

There have been many partial structural failures of steel buildings, and many more of non steel buildings. But none of those structural failures are referred to as implosions. The only time we EVER hear the word "implode" w/r to buildings is when they are professionally demolished with explosives. (Which of course would include 9/11.)