Excellent David Ray Griffin interview on God TV

Last September, Dr. Griffin was interviewed by God TV, the End Times show. It reaches over 100 million people worldwide by TV, plus others on the Internet.

It was aired on Friday night at 5:30 PM PDT and turned out to be an excellent interview, really professional. The hosts, Rory and Wendy, are gracious and delightful.

Just a simple, straightforward interview that freed David to take his time to explain things.

It's also on their website: http://www.god.tv/video/play?video=1219. (Unfortunately they don't seem to have an embed feature.)

Part 2 will be shown live this Friday at 5:30 Pacific, 8:30 PM Eastern.

Good interview

Looking forward to the next one.

I've also sent a message via the website.

God TV versus the universities

It's staggering, really, to see the interviewers on "God TV" , with all the end-times symbols and the like, opening their minds to these issues in a way the universities do not. We might expect that they would weave what Dr. Griffin is saying into their own mythology, and I suppose they will be doing that at some point, but there's not much evidence of it on the show. They ask viewers to be patient with information they may find disturbing; they ask viewers to remain open-minded; they suggest people do their own reading and research to try and make up their own minds; they stress the importance of the truth. They even, I was surprised to hear, suggest that worshipping God is not the same as worshipping the state and that it is important to get one's priorites straight. I suppose the reason I find this staggering is that I have met the opposite response within many universities. There is a great deal of disinterest, and, when the discussion does get off the ground, a huge amount of arrogance and trust in the state combined with scant knowledge of the subject. I have been told by colleagues that my views are nuts, crazy, and "morally appalling"--all this by people who know virtually nothing about the issue and cannot even sustain a brief debate. I have been told by a professor at my university that he knows I'm wrong and does not have to look at evidence (which he calls "details"). The matter does not require evidence, he said to me; it only requires "good judgment." I won't take my critique of the university further here but will just conclude by saying that, to my surprise, these young people on "God TV" have a couple of lessons to teach the universities when it comes to 9/11. Whether they will get away with this open-mindedness, given the other people whose work they support (such as Tim LaHaye), is another matter. Time will tell.


I love that perspective and phenomenon where universities have a hard time dealing with this. It's like they are too smart to have been fooled by this government. I liked how Mr. Griffin talked about how he came onto the truth of 9/11. I had heard how Richard Gage pulled over after listening to Dr. Griffin on the radio, but I hadn't heard of David Ray Griffin's awakening as asked by the two interviewers. It takes some humility to admit that hey I was wrong. I was fooled. I was susceptible to the official story etc and propaganda just like anyone else. Some people, probably especially universities, pride themselves on being smarter than the average person, and I think that prevents them from being able to admit being fooled just like everyone else. Strange phenomenon. I also like how David Ray Griffin has such a sobering perspective, he doesn't "get off" on knowing this information that other people don't. He seems to genuinely care and want to help people deal with this information. We have a lot of work to do, but as Dr. Griffin's tour shows we are getting it done as well.

great interview so far...

Great interview but it's useless for promoting 9/11 Truth. Would anyone feel comfortable sending a 9/11 Truth NOOB to this end times / apocalypse non sense? The God Shop? hahahah

This is from God.TV....

Israel Trees
Join Rory & Wendy, and the GOD TV family all over the world, in this apostolic prophetic act as we prepare the Holy Land for the return of the King...

GOD TV is planting over ONE MILLION TREES across the Holy Land as a miraculous sign to Israel and to the world that Jesus is coming soon. This is a unique opportunity to make your mark on the land of Israel.

Or maybe you'd rather help clean the desert in a different way....

Israel Excavation
"While clearing land as part of Israel’s project to reclaim the desert as suitable residential ground, a buried ‘world’ was unveiled. This historical gem has revealed buildings and artifacts from an ancient Christian community who lived in the Holy Land over 1500 years ago!"

"As a GOD TV viewer, you are invited to be part of uncovering and maintaining this site, by donating towards this historic excavation."


This is no different then the criminal evangelists on TV who rob from the poor, sick and dying and use "Israel Tress" to help them do it. I don't know much about organized religion but I do watch the TV shows. They love to tie the state of Israel in and demonize the dirty Arabs that hate the Jews. It's really pretty concerning. As far as the evangelists go, they are a disgrace.

EDIT: What is interesting is that if you do a google site:www.godtv.com + muslim you only get a few results. Here's what I found:

Google Result #1:
  • Sunday September 13th at 12.30pm (Eastern) with Kamran Yarael, a former Muslim who converted to Christianity and the founder of the ministry, Holy Spirit Adventures;
  • Monday September 14th at 2pm with W.L. Cati, the founder of White Horse Ministry, and author of ‘Married to Muhammad’ who turned from Islam and a luxury lifestyle to be restored to Christ;

Google Result #2
Plus we had some very special guests on set with us this evening - precious viewer Pelham Gross who shared his testimony with the GOD TV Family... Curt Landry of House of David Ministries, who spoke about the Biblical importance of standing with Israel at this time... and our good friend Nasir Siddiki, an ex-Muslim convert whose testimony of God's faithfulness truly brought encouragement to us all.

Google Result #3
What a privilege it was for me to welcome Shiryawati into her new home when I returned to Sri Lanka in December and shared in her joy and excitement. More than 50 people gathered to celebrate the occasion including her Muslim and Hindu neighbours, and the local newspaper were curious to know what God she had been praying to who had provided her with one of the nicest houses in the neighbourhood!

Google Result #4
The ludicrous campaign for a Palestinian state within Israel is akin to Muslim settlers in Great Britain demanding that Wales become an Islamic republic. In spite of this, Israel has given land, but to date has had no peace.

Google Result #5 (last one)
End Time Handmaidens Now a Christian, W.L. Cati shares her experiences living as a Muslim.

So obviously this isn't a scientific demonstration of bias for Israel / against Arabs. Google might have missed the pro-Muslim pages. But doesn't it seem a bit odd that God.TV seems focus so much on Israel but hardly mentions Muslims at all?

I admit I've only spent a few hours looking over the site. But what I've seen so far is disturbing.


I don't recommend sending anyone there, unless they are a hard core Christian, but the cool part is that this is reaching a new audience and the interview was fair. That is the big news. New audience. David Ray Griffin doing good during a fair interview. IMO.