Hugo Chavez Comments on Venezuela's National Assembly Resolution Regarding 9/11

Chávez attacks Bush as a 'genocidal' leader -

In a speech Tuesday, Chávez criticized the decision of an Iraqi court to sentence former dictator Saddam Hussein to the death penalty. ''If sentencing is to be done,'' Chávez said, ``the first one to be given the most severe sentence this planet has to offer should be the president of the United States, if we're talking about genocidal presidents.''

His comments, which were fairly typical of his recent attacks on Bush, came shortly after the publication of a resolution by Venezuela's legislative National Assembly describing the 9/11 attacks as ''self-inflicted'' and after an exhibition at the Foreign Ministry building in Caracas in which Bush was portrayed as a Nazi storm trooper.

The resolution, which appeared in the official government gazette in mid-October, primarily criticized Washington's decision to build a wall along the Mexican border to keep illegal immigrants out.

But in its fourth paragraph, it calls on the U.S. Congress to ``demand that the government of President Bush explain the self-inflicted attack on the World Trade Center and its victims, the supposed aircraft that crashed into the Pentagon and the links between the bin Laden family and the Bush family.''

Thanks to Chris Rose for the heads up!


For those who are interested about Venezuela and Hugo Chavez, I have a literal library of information on my site. Just do a search for Venezuela or Chavez. It's one of the geopolitical issues I've focused on.

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

Hugo Chavez--the last best

Hugo Chavez--the last best hope for ALL the Americas.

"Bugger this; I want a better world."

Bugger yourself

You and Hugo probably take it up ass

Oh, dear, dear, dear....

Oh, dear, dear, dear.... Dirty little mind we have, don't we? Need a right caning, you do.

So, sunshine, if you're not just some spotty faced little coward hiding behind a computer monitor, name the time and place.

Real world, like. Then you can say what you want to my face and we'll see how that turns out.

I'm currently in the Pacific Northwest; where are you?

Put up or shut up and stop taking the piss.

Judging from some other posts

this fellow seems rather... preoccupied. I wonder why.

now here the comes the

now here the comes the typical crap about how this is going to be used against the movement, blah blah blah. i say any exposure is good exposure and Hugo Chavez making comments like this will only cause more people to look closer at 9/11 if they havent already. sure, you'll have your typical kneejerk partisan flag wavers who will say "hes just an anti-american communist asshole" and wont think twice about what hes saying, but honestly, would they have in the first place? net gain i say

All people...

Really need to know about Hugo is that he sits on A LOT of oil, probably moreso than Saudi Arabia. Big Oil does NOT like the fact that he controls so much oil, and oil money is being used for the poor, etc... that is money they could have, and they are FURIOUS that they don't. As a result, American media paints Hugo as an evil leftist dictator, when he is anything but evil.

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

Show "That's why...." by Anonymous (not verified)

no, thats why hes one person

no, thats why hes one person who happens to be a leader of a country and who rightly thinks 9/11 is a fraud on a massive level. we dont appoint leaders, thats for you, Fox News, and other zombies who cant think for themselves to do.


I've never taken any direction from Hugo Chavez, nor did I know anything about Hugo Chavez when I started looking into 9/11. I don't even think I knew who the leader of Venezuela was until a few years ago. That is a ridiculous statement, and attempt to associate the 9/11 Truth Movement with a media created evil dictator that isn't evil.

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

Hmmmm.... Start here

Venezuelan Government To Launch International 9/11 Investigation

Truth crusaders Walter and Rodriguez to appear on Hugo Chavez\'s weekly TV broadcast

Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones/Prison | March 31 2006

\"Billionaire philanthropist Jimmy Walter and WTC survivor William Rodriguez this week embarked on a groundbreaking trip to Caracas Venezuela in which they met with with the President of the Assembly and will soon meet with Venezuelan President himself Hugo Chavez in anticipation of an official Venezuelan government investigation into 9/11.\"


\"Though the establishment media will no doubt seek to demonize Chavez as a militant with an axe to grind, this is an exciting development and the next step on the road to a genuine investigation that will seek to uncover the truth rather than hide skeletons and whitewash as was witnessed with the staged Kean committee.\"

Nail on the head

The 'Elite' clearly do not like anything socially responsible.... or charitable.... or 'christ-like'. The 'social contract' they prefer is one in which they can exercise no restraint over their avarice, greed, and murder.

"Free" trade: free from

"Free" trade: free from morality, decency, humanity, etc.


Similar hate formed from Saddam's ability to manipulate a huge supply of oil...

Oil + No world bank membership = evil dictator

There is SO much dis-info on

There is SO much dis-info on this guy. I was sitting on the fence about him for months, that's how hard it was to sift it.

Then someone in the Bush cabinet tried to spin Hugo's selling oil to the poor at reduced prices as some mysterious plot to undermine the states--somehow, that wasn't adequitly explained.


He's got more moral courage in his pinky finger than all the Bushites put together.

Another internet "hero"

You are as much of a "Colonel" as Colonel Sanders.

True, actually. So what's

True, actually. So what's your point? I've actually risked my life in the real world to help people and I do believe in a better world. That's the reason I use the name I do.

And you'd know that if you were REALLY into information and 'intelligence', as your nom-de-post, TheCIA, implies.

Guess you're no more 'spooky' than Casper the Ghost.

"Bugger this; I want a better world."

This was already posted today

Under "News you can use, 11/10/2006"

I'm down for Chavez, the

I'm down for Chavez, the media demonisation of him is as fake as almost everything the supposed "free press" pumps out.

Anyway check it out Alex just had to take a break from the radio show and go to music because he's getting so sick of all the partisan assclowns going along with the "impeachment is a bad idea" f*cktardation, here's the stream;

I know exactly what he's saying, those total braindead hoodwinked partisan jokes at crooks and liars and Daily Kos make me sick.

Israeli Defense Chief Says

Israel, the land of endless war that makes the U.S.

military-industrial complex richer & richer!

Isn't this the time when the new

Pentagon video is to be released?

Show "HUGO is a LAND GRABBER" by kevin (not verified)

Every person I've met that

Every person I've met that comes from the elite class in Venezuelan hates Chavez.

Yeah, but the ultra-rich & corporations are the land grabbers

in the good old U.S.A.!!! Land should be for all the people!!!

Stated another way, it's just a matter of time before all the

choice land in the U.S.A is owned by the super-wealthy & the corporations. The middle class is clearly on its way down & out.

In the U.S., the gov't will take away your land to let a Walmart

be built on it.

I'm rating this comment up.

I'm rating this comment up. I don't like to see thoughtful comments rated down without equally thoughtful replies.

The enemy of Bush is not necessarily my friend. Criticism like this is worth hearing even if you disagree with its conclusions, as I do. In my opinion, Chavez is doing some good things; he's an inspiration. Capitalism has to be confronted. A degree of ruthlessness is necessary for such a confrontation to have an effect.

However, history proves that the alternatives to capitalism can be worse, so take care and think twice before praising rising socialist leaders!

It's not capitalism that's the problem

It's government that's the problem.

Our government has become far to big and far to invasive and obviously far too corrupt.
Allowing government to take land from private citizens is akin to communism. Is that the alternative we are looking for?

Corporations, after all, are a creation of the state. Downsizing government is the only way we can get out of this mess. Elections don't work. Democrats don't work. Republicans as we know don't work. We have to start with a new plan, one that gives the power back to our country's citizens, not to it's government. Government should be there to protect us from foreign invasion, and that's about it. Corporations should not be getting welfare from government, and citizens should not be taxed on their income.

A hands-off government is the one that will work the best, not trying to find the least corrupt individuals to rule the country with iron fists.

More on Hugo the Phony Hero

Chavez's thugs took away the property away from an 86-year old woman because she called him "rude".

Should I believe this?


good question

good question

Most leaders of any country

Most leaders of any country are evil, name me one who isnt ? you've got to be one hell of a sick bastard to actually want that sort of power in the first place.

I beileve most leaders have now gathered 9/11 was an inside job, Russia's Putin being ex KGB probably knew within hours it was an inside job, he's fully aware the crazies are in control in America, thats why he backed down and let America invade Afgahnistan, he's no doubt waiting for America to inevitably implode, strengthening Russia global influence.

Yes, the Chinese are going to exploit the 9/11 inside job too.



How does one "exploit" the crime of the century committed by a rogue government against its own people?

Exploit to gain political leverage or use blackmail against Bush


What crime would that be?

What crime would that be?



These scum guzzling dirtbags are afraid of the truth.

Hey Pantywaists! Why do you hide posts with contrarian views?

The dictatorship resides here!

John Warner Defense Authorization Act of 2007

This is a lot better than

This is a lot better than that "El Diablo" bullshit. I was so mad when, knowing this, he used his time to plug Chomsky that day. Give me a break on that!


see latest drudge report for german lawsuit and chavez coverage.

Keep up the good work. The guilty must pay, whomever and wherever they are...


Maybe we should nationalize some of our resources the way the Venezualens did. Then maybe we would't be seeing such huge profits by oil companies. And maybe our resources would be used more efficiently. We keep heading the other direction it's called privatisation. What was once ours are now theres.

bad idea

Nationalize means turn over to the government.

That means George Bush would own your house.

Be careful what you wish for and who you praise.

Chavez steals land from helpless people in his country. He may be onto something with 9/11 Truth but this is not the type of government we want to turn to here.

Bush/Cheney own you + your house, now!

Wake up!

Not accurate

Bush/Cheney are definitely a nightmare but to say they "own your house" is completely false.

Nationalism != communism

And in Chavez's case, he nationalized the oil industry, something EVERY sovereign nation should do. 

Big Oil (Cheney, et. al.) see that as a challenge, and have made an example out of Iraq.

You want to see some SERIOUS changes in the geopolitical landscape?  Nationalize all the big oil companies and let every nation sell energy with its own currency.  The big money syndicates would crumble, and the power would rest one step closer to the people, where it should.  A nation's natural resources belong to the people first, and by the fact a nation is made up of people, it should be controlled by the government that the people have put into place.

Getting a government that isn't corrupt is then possible as you remove the finances that make the corruption possible. 

what is with the censorship here???

I can't post anything bad about Chavez?

This is insane!

Is this board turning to the fascist tactics the bush administration uses?

We should all get to voice our opinions here. Deleting/hiding posts is pure censorship, and should not happen on a free board.

Saying things like

"Bush would own your house" suggests that you are framing the whole argument unfairly. That is why, I suspect, people are voting your posts down. There's a vast space between "Bush would own your house" and Big Oil making absolutely staggering, obscene profits, to use just one example.

Chavez and leaders like him are faced with a very difficult conundrum. Taking people's property for redistribution may seem unfair -- it may even *be* unfair. But the whole situation to begin with is grotesquely unfair.

You have to be effin' kidding me.

I went up and read your post about the "abolition" of private property in Venezuela. The passage you quoted refers to a huge estate, owned by a foreign billionaire, and its "invasion" by peasants.

You could make a cogent argument about the unfairness of property redistribution. I'm a libertarian -- I would be receptive to it. But crap like you posted above deserves to be hidden, because it sounds like shill bullshit rather than a good-faith attempt to dialogue. It's the kind of writing that gives a bad name to any kind of libertarian discourse.

It was an article

Nationalizing land is taking it away from citizens.

I don't care if they do have 1 billion dollars, they are private citizens and do not deserve land to be taken away from them, period.

How did they obtain the 1 billion dollars, legally or illegally?


Uh huh.

You'll note that I said you "quoted" a passage from an article.

"Nationalizing" is taking property away from citizens and non-citizens. In the case of the poor done-wrong billionaire, I do not believe he is a citizen of Venezuela, and yes, that does make a difference in terms of fairness, because it has a direct impact on national sovereignty. Or maybe you're not into national sovereignty.

"They are private citizens and do not deserve to have land taken away from them, period." This is not a cogent argument. This is a lame-ass assertion. Do you suppose the indigenous people of the area deserved to have land taken from them when a European system of property ownership was instituted? If the whole basis of private property is unfair in this case (as it is in many others, but perhaps not all others) then what is the basis for challenging actions against it? While I may not be down with Proudhon and the idea that (all) property is theft, I think it is safe to say that in the case of lands appropriated from native peoples, PROPERTY IS THEFT.


You said "I do not believe he is a citizen..."

You have no facts to support your claims.
Let's just say for the sake of argument, he is a citizen and owns a mansion on 22 acres. Is this fact enough to warrant Chavez to come take the land from him?

I'm not talking about what happened 400 years ago, I'm talking right now. Yes it is highly likely that the land I own today was once the land of Native Americans. But did I steal it from them?

Let's think about this. You can't justify government's eminent domain powers by saying "PROPERTY IS THEFT".

Without private property, the people have nothing, and the government has everything, whether it's Bush, Chavez, or Bill Clinton at the helm.

You have to talk about what happened 400 years ago.

Sorry, but unless you want to be intellectually dishonest, you can't just start with "now" and pretend the current distribution of property is fair, and then use that as a basis to criticize redistribution. If you read my other posts, you saw that I asked the guy to come up with a cogent argument against land reform, because, as a libertarian, I do find it a very challenging topic. He didn't, and you didn't either.

I also did NOT use the idea that "property is theft" to justify eminent domain or land reform. I said that in the case of appropriating land from indigenous peoples, property is most certainly theft. So what do we do about it now? Pretending it didn't happen or is not significant doesn't fly, unless, again, you're okay with being intellectually dishonest.

"Yes, it is highly likely that the land I own today was once the land of Native Americans. But did I steal it from them?" Obviously, the more important question here is WAS IT stolen from them? If my house is burglarized and my stuff pawned, and you buy it fair and square, who does it belong to? Private property is a nifty idea, but don't pretend it's not very ethically complicated at times.

Moreover, it becomes even more complicated when cultural difference comes into play. Not all human cultures have believed that land is capable of being "owned." This is not the same as believing it to be owned by a "state" or even believing it to be owned collectively. Do you believe you own your own body? Possibly, but maybe your understanding is different -- maybe you believe that you ARE your body, for example. So when our glorious alien overlords from outer space arrive and say, "Oh my, look at all the human bodies, not owned, free for the taking, these ones over here will be mine!" are you going to support their private property rights?

"Let's think about this."

Yes, my point exactly.

We had no problem in redistributing the Native Americans' land

to ourselves, did we?

How much land is owned by families who made their fortunes off the backs of slaves, btw? How many make their fortunes off the stock of corporations that are destroying the Earth every day?

Sane libertairians--need

Sane libertairians--need more of you. Or to be more accurate, need more of you getting the spotlight.

No, I'm not one--technically I'm a liberal/populist--but all the libertarians I personally know are sane. The ones who stand for office though--it's a bleeding crap shoot what you'll get. One locally sold out and went Repub.

I agree--I'm not too moved to tears watching ultra rich people forced to become slightly less ultra rich.

Anyone can still click on the covered articles to read them if

they wish to. I like this feature because I don't have to scroll through so many bullshit shill posts as before.

Wake Up!

Wake up!

VHeadlines -under attack!

In August,, published my testimonial about the FBI Take-over of the Architect's offices, as did Rense. I received 300,000 hits in September, and 60,000 since. Unfortunately, their site is down and it looks like a server attack.

This is a critical time to stay informed about Venezuela. December 2nd is their Presidential election, and Hugo has been very vocal about the prior TWO attempted coups by the US Government. It is a known fact that, (like 7/7 in London,) it was *CIA infiltrators* that started the campus riots in Madiera, last year. They identified the rifles by the munition-shells which were sent to Columbia first. Hugo responded with a $1.B 'renovation package' for the tiny community... (We sent private contractors in New Orleans what, $46.7B)

Random web searches will bring up mostly yellow journalism in pro-US publications. It's unfortunate, because there are some merits to the prior aristocrat's arguments, but, like Mexico's current crisis, they are about to go the way of the whites in South Africa.

Who's oil is it anyway? It belongs to the country, not to the wildcat who 'discovers' it by horizontal drilling! I believe that it's the Oil companies that must pay the gas taxes, so I'm convinced that Chavez is generous in only charging them 30%, and in state-monitoring their exports.

Anyway, King George is way out of line in criticizing him solely for throwing out these profiteers. He's completely remodeling the country for the benefit of all.

Join the Revolution!

Technically, Franz Lee is correct. We need to declare our intents to join the "Worldwide Boulivarian Revolution." (Even if you do currently make for a luke-warm 'Marxist,' like me.)

vheadline -is gone! Try It's a serious thought group.

The NWO=communism

Communism is exactly what the planners of 9/11 want.

We need to back freedom, not enslavement.

Alex Jones knows what he's talking about.


Click Here

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

Needless to say

Who's land has Chavez taken, have you seen the parcels? And what about Mexico, where no non-citizen can own land. It's my understanding that these are huge parcels, 100k hectres and such, of unoccupied 'land-banks,' owned exclusively by multi-national corporations who are hedging... At least he will give them their fair 20 acres, and a mule to ride.

In the same way the US corporations are hedging the Mexican farmer toward the border, by controlling the price of the fruit. So Prophetic is this cartoon near the frontpiece of this month's; 'Bull in the China Shop,' New Yorker. -(It basically says - lazy Americans-.)

Ven minister tells oil workers to support Chavez or quit

You supporters of Chavez don't have a clue. Haven't you heard that he and his energy minister, Rafael Ramirez, have decided that government oil workers that do not support him should leave their jobs?

The link:

Some choice quotes:

"[Its] workers are with this revolution, and those who aren't should go somewhere else. Go to Miami."

Mr Chavez applauded his minister's words by saying he should make the same speech to oil workers 100 times a day.

"Here, we are backing Chavez, who is our leader, who is the leader of this revolution, and we will do everything we have to do to support our president," Mr Ramirez adds.

"Those who do not feel comfortable with that orientation, should give their jobs to a Bolivarian [a Chavez supporter]."