9/11 First Responder Vito Valenti's Health is Getting Worse - Request for Action

From John Feal:

Dear friends, responders, media, supporters and great Americans. I am writing regarding my close friend, fellow board member and 9/11 responder and hero. Vito Valenti who many of you know or heard about, and he is progressively getting worse. Vito has no idea I am witting this letter but when he finds out from the support you great people have given us, I am confident he will be overwhelmed with joy. With all the recent deaths and 9/11 stories in the news of late, it has hit home for us at the Fealgood foundation. This special man is getting sicker and will become another number of those who have lost there battle to 9/11 exposure and it's aftermath. I have seen many brave souls die over the last few years, and those deaths have hurt us here so very bad, but I can not and will not sit idle while my big buddy gets sicker on us with this disease that is killing great Americans. Vito needs a double lung transplant, and he needs it now, his legs are swollen, his heart is getting worse, and his fingers are turning yellow. All signs his time is near. Please if you care about your fellow man and American, then call your local politicians, media outlet, hospitals, organizations that help and anyone in Hollywood that would help. I am witting this letter, not as the president of a foundation that helps people but as a friend to you all who so desperately needs help saving a family member. As I cry with fear, my good friend is going to leave me and not finish what this foundation started out to do, I also cry with hope knowing if everyone gets involved we can save a life, a life and a man who dedicated himself to others while he himself has suffered so much because of that horrible day and it's aftermath. Please help me and Ann and our board members help Vito. This is not about donations or money but getting on the phone, the computer and making noise. Vito's email address is lego372@optonline.net and his number is 516 567 5446. Please show our federal government we will not sit idle, while their lack of compassion and accountability will cause more deaths to heroes.

Thank you. John Feal/fealgood foundation

Our thoughts and prayers are with Vito Valenti and his friends at the Fealgood Foundation. Please help make some noise for these first responders so that they can get the help and awareness they deserve.

Flashback: Vito Valenti and Bonnie Giebfried on The View (4/25/2007)

No matter what happens Vito,

No matter what happens Vito, you'll always be in our hearts and prayers. Should you return to the other world, may your spirit shine with all those who passed on 9/11 and since because of the toxins of that day...toxins of the body and spirit.
Watch over us as we continue onward with the struggle.

My letter to Sherrod Brown of Ohio

I recently discovered that over 40,000 first responders who helped in the cleanup and recovery efforts are sick and dying and have not recieved the help from the government that they so desperately need.

On top of that, Christie Todd Whitman told them that "The air was safe to breathe, and the water was safe to drink."?

This is an outrage. The EPA should be held accountable, this is nothing more than aiding and abetting a terrorist act.

This should be the country's number 1 issue. If the country can't afford to take care of it's heroes, then what do we really value?

Not one more dollar should be spent in Iraq until every dollar needed has been spent towards helping the first responders.

Thank you for your kind consideration.


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Dear Christie,

Because of the actions you took in the immediate aftermath of 9/11, people are dying.

"On Sept. 18, 2001, then-EPA head Whitman released a statement declaring the results from air monitoring tests in New York showed "their air is safe to breathe."

Almost two years later, the EPA's inspector general released a report concluding the EPA's assurances were based on preliminary test results. The report also said that EPA press releases were softened under pressure from the White House.

Since then, multiple studies have documented health problems amongst 9/11 emergency responders and workers. One study released last year by Mount Sinai Hospital in New York showed more than 70 percent of Ground Zero workers suffered health ailments or severe respiratory problems. - http://blogs.abcnews.com/theblotter/2007/05/former_epa_chie.html

Here's one of them, Christie, (hope you don't mind me calling you Christie), Vito Valenti. He needs new lungs, or he's gonna die, Christie.


Maybe you've heard of Vito. He was recently on the View;

He has also been on the news a bit;

I can't wait to hear your testimony to Congress, Christie;

And yes, we "insist".

For more information on the 9/11 first responders and the living hell many of them are going through, check out John Feal's website;

Feal was involved in post 9/11 clean-up and was badly injured at Ground Zero. He has since dedicated his life to helping fellow Ground Zero victims.

At least the 9/11 First Responders are getting help from somewhere.

After all, Michael Moore can't take everyone to Cuba.

Sleep tight, Christie. I know Vito won't.



P.s. By the way, Christie, what else is the Bush administration not telling us the truth about, regarding 9/11? I mean, if the health of a few thousand people ain't no biggie for Bushco, kinda makes me wonder about 3,000 or so on 9/11.


If you would like to send Vito some love, send him an email here;

But he really needs some lungs. His health is failing rapidly. If you can help, somehow, please do.

For what it's worth, I saw

For what it's worth, I saw a documentary about the organ trade in China. Apparently Westerners are their biggest customers, and they have a very short waiting period for transplants - particularly kidneys, livers, and lungs. I know this may sound crude or tacky or morbid, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

Thank you, Vito.

"They took it from the top to the bottom, we're gonna take them from the bottom to the top." - Dan Wallace


I just called my local rep., and the White House. If you want to call the White House, the number is 1 202 456 1111.

It's Not The Crime That Kills You, But The Cover-Up

Are dynamite components in the samples ?

Herblay FRANCE

I have read a few pdf reports ( ~ 100 pages ) on the contents of the dust cloud and air but just up to now have not seen any trace of dynamite. Some reports have specificed clearly that no research was done for traces of dynamite.

However if any chemist does notice any resident components in the samples mentioned in any official reports please give us the links.



First Responders

I have read reports about the use of D.U. Depleted Uranium explosives by the US military in Iraq and Afghanistan. Is it possible that these were used in some way to bring the towers down on 9/11. This could mean that the dust breathed by first responders was radioactive and could explain why so many people have become sick.

Does anyone know if there has been any testing done for radioactivity at ground zero, or if first responders have been tested for this?

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I believe the journal of 9/11 Studies has some information on radioactive testing. They were at base levels, I believe.

It can be found at www.stj911.org


DU? Worse than that, but this can help:

Last I heard we were dealing with several nano-sized radioisotopes, which have a much shorter half-life, making them far more dangerous to all living tissue.

Embedded in the lung, and suspended among the fiberous aesbestos, we are dealing with something which Will lead to the development of cancerous tumors, and cause death if untreated.

Recently, (after my sister died from AMA induced 'Chemo,') I discovered "SuperSilver." On Thursday, I heard a US Army Corporal who's life was saved by a much weaker form of silver they serve our troops.

The Doctors noted this product tested to be "100 times more powerful" (at 10ppm,) than the Army's topical 'salve' with 32ppm! What made the story so compelling is that the gentleman in question literally 'Forced' the Doctors at Walter Reed to administer it to him internally! So, he made the entire facility 'stand-down,' and he walked out practically cured just 36 hrs later. In the test-tube it kills millions of pathogenic nasties, including Tuberculosis and Lukemia, in 1hr and 31min.

As a smoker, (and 35yr arm-chair nutritionalist,) I think the best defense against the '9/11 plague' is to harness the power of expectorants. This sounds weird, because it hasn't ever been 'mainstream,' but this was said to cure similar cases in Germany after the War, by Dr. Ehrand, sp? (Google: 'Rational Fasting'.) He had the theory that "you should use high-muscous products as they were intended to be used; to collect and remove garbage!" -That's why it becomes sticky and darkens with friction.

Forget nutritional 'uptake' for a few days/weeks... Just drink Milk gently stirred together with natural Ice-cream, and hack the junk up as frequently as possible! Beyond such means, (and thinking long-term,) you will need to restore your gut. For this I would seriously investigate the following proven nutriceutical remedies, in order: Idorol, Digesticol, Floracol, 'Better than Greens' and ALLICIN! -NEVER be without a bottle of AlliMax Ultra 360mg. Since December, I have bought 5 bottles and given 1-1/2 of them away. It has *cured* all me and my family's symptomatic traces of 'flu and viruses' in about 2 to 5 hours. Recently, I got a Mexican 'tick-bite.' Allicin, and the SuperSilver stopped an onset of 'Lyme Disease' that I had contracted, dead cold, after the rash had taken over my thigh, and had nearly spread all over my lower back.

Lastly, I had purchased a $1,000. product which would have 'totally cut off the blood-supply to the cancer,' and saved my sister's life. It sits, unopened in the deep freeze. If you, or someone who's a 'FIRST-RESPONDER' knows of just such a cancerous situation, (pre-Chemo) I will gladly send it to them for free. Just thinking about their sacrifice brings back all of the horrors of that day. It makes me cry now, knowing that I could have done a much better job to make ALL New Yorkers aware of the liklihood this was eventually to unfold.

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