911 Preparations

Why the Bush Administration Didn't Care About Al Qaeda

This entry's title is a copy of a blog from Huffington Post by Gareth Porter. I strongly recommend that you read it. This post will certainly make more sense if you do.

You can get it at: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/dr-gareth-porter/why-the-bush-administrati_b_48650.html.

Gareth discusses how the Bush administration not only ignored the CIA's urgent and explicit warnings about Al Qaida, they actively tried to discredit them.

Here's my theory.

Bush NEEDED a catastrophe. Needed it real bad so he and the gang could start implementing the PNAC manifesto.

I believe that they nurtured and fostered Al Qaida just so it could come up with something for them to react to. Ever wondered why Al Qaida seems to be a one-trick pony? OK they pulled of some small stunts pre-911 but just the sort of thing that your average backyard terrorist might come up with. Then suddenly, BOOM! 911, with all the planning and resources that required. Since then... Nothing.

Who do we know thats good at fostering clandestine foreign guerrila organisations, making resources available and generally stirring things up whilst maintaining plausible deniability?