AA77. UA93

Norman Mineta: Mistaken Identity

Concerning Norman Mineta’s testimony about being with Cheney in the PEOC---

Briefly, the story is that Cheney was getting updates about a flight headed for DC from a “young man” who stated the plane was 50, 30, then 10 miles out.

Most people will assume that Mineta is referring to AA77, not UA93. There is an attempt by the media and others to shift away from AA77 towards UA93. By doing this they are able to push the time ahead and protect Cheney from criticism about a shoot down or a stand down. But this has some seriously fatal flaws.

See this video:


At mark ~:50 he is talking about the young man describing a plane that is 50 miles out.

At mark ~1:00 Mineta is on the phone with Monte Belger who tells him the target is somewhere beyond Great Falls. In other words about 25 miles up river from DC. He says twice they cannot tell the speed.** Then he says they lost the bogey somewhere between Rosslyn and Reagan Airport. Both Great Falls and Rosslyn are North of the Pentagon.

Here is the same thing from Belger: