Who Decides What Is LIHOP And What Is MIHOP?

I'm sitting here reading the blogs, and I'm seeing an awful lot of information being shunned by the ever popular "LIHOP" label. I've said this before, and I'll say it again. If the hijackings were everything we were led to believe, and the only thing elements of this Government did was make a conscious decision to "let" the attacks occur, then they MADE IT HAPPEN. Of course, evidence exists that says not everything about that day is as we were led to believe. And of course, there is evidence to suggest elements within this Government did A LOT more than nothing to insure the attacks' success.

I firmly believe that the LIHOP and MIHOP labels are divisive. Why couldn't we just look at it from the perspective of "this person thinks differently than I do" or, "this person thinks different information is important?" If the information that is being peddled is misinformation or disinformation, then it should be questioned. However, if it is legitimate information, then that person should have a right to promote
it. Without being attacked or labeled.