TAMU Librarian Stephen Atkins Publishes 9/11 Encyclopedia

Librarians are rarely associated with terrorism, but Texas A&M librarian Stephen Atkins defies the stereotype. A noted specialist on terrorist groups, Atkins has published The 9/11 Encyclopedia. The two-volume work details events leading to 9/11, identifying all participants worldwide. Atkins also covers events following the attack which have shaped our understanding of this cataclysmic event. "The horror and impact of 9/11 is almost beyond our comprehension. As the defining tragedy of our time, it reverberates in every aspect of our daily lives," explained Atkins, curator of French Collections at Texas A&M's Cushing Memorial Library & Archives, who has written four works on extremism and terrorism. He also teaches a course on extremism and terrorism in the contemporary world for the History Department at Texas A&M. Published by Praeger Security International, The 9/11 Encyclopedia, resource for scholars and security specialists, contains over 40 primary documents and 586 pages.