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New PentaCon documentary released today: North Side Flyover

Released today:

Whether you are for it or against it, it is worth further study. Discussion does not simply imply endorsement. But, if you are attacked for even discussing it, then I have to harken back to this small great article by GeorgeWashington: Fearmongering As a Form of Warfare, with this specific point in mind, "and we already know that the Pentagon employs bloggers to spread its propaganda (indeed, even private companies appear to do it)
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When anyone tells me not to look behind the curtain, that there's "nothing to see here folks," especially at a crime scene, then that is the first place to do so, for me at least. When they get aggravated that you or I persist in doing so, they are showing their true colors.

New eyewitness evidence regarding Pentagon attack to be released this month

Here is the trailer for an upcoming presentation featuring critical eyewitnesses to the Pentagon attack jet.

These additional eyewitnesses, officially documented by the Center for Military History and the Library of Congress, are telling a different story that further conflicts with the government's Official Conspiracy Theory in regard to the Pentagon attack.