America, the Bushieful - the pdf

Attached in .pdf file format is my epic poem/lyric, "America, the Bushieful", which parodies the patriotic hymn, "America, the Beautiful". It has grown to 40 verses (30 beginning with "O Bushieful for..." and 10 beginning with "Obamaful for...") and contains much truth, including 9-11 truth. When you open the .pdf file, you'll find each verse illustrated and bookmarked, so you can jump to any verse with a single click of the mouse. This bit of whimsy just might reach people who would otherwise remain asleep, so feel free to e-mail it to anyone you like. Or print it and hand it out at the next Truth event. Or even perform it with a Greek chorus, which would be appropriate, given the tragic decade we've all just lived through. At 40 verses, though, it could take over thirty minutes to sing from start to finish.

If anyone does sing it from start to finish, please video your performance, post it to 9-11 Blogger and then e-mail me the link. I'd love to see that.