National 911 Debate

Charles Goyette agrees to be on National 9/11 Debate Media Panel

The National 9/11 Debate™ is pleased to announce that Charles Goyette has agreed to participate in the National 9/11 Debate on March 10, 2007 in Charleston, South Carolina. Mr. Goyette will be part of the media panel that will pose questions to the debate team members.

Charles Goyette, recently honored as "Best Phoenix Talk Show Host" by the New Times, is a familiar voice to radio listeners all across Arizona and increasingly to listeners across the country. Thanks to his outspokenness and the clarity of his positions, radio listeners everywhere are finding they can't get enough of "America's Most Independent Talk Show Host!" His show is heard weekday mornings on KFNX AM 1100.

Charles has shared his views with television audiences locally and nationally on MSNBC and Fox News, including on The O'Reilly Factor, and on the popular PBS program NOW with Bill Moyers. Recently a national television documentary team chose to feature Charles' radio show for a forthcoming PBS special exploring immigration issues. Charles is also heard on talk radio nationally, filling in for syndicated talk show hosts such as Ed Schultz and Thom Hartmann.

The need for a public National 9/11 Debate is made apparent by Zogby, CNN, and New York Times / CBS news poll results that indicate that fifty to eighty-four percent of Americans do not fully accept as complete or accurate, the Bush Administration’s account of what happened on September 11, 2001.

The format of the National 9/11 Debate will include a credentialed five-member debate team that supports the government’s account of 9/11, a credentialed five-member debate team that disputes elements of the government’s account, and a media panel that will monitor the debates and pose questions to the debate team members.

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