Planning for the aftermath

What will follow?

Whether the current administration is held accountable for mass murder during its tenure, or the public wakes up too late or fears them too much to bring them to justice, sooner or later the truth of 9/11 will be widely acknowledged. If at that time we do not live in a post-nuclear wasteland and if we still have the benefit of modern technology, barring any plausible doomsday scenarios, what will happen next? Who in a 9/11 truth world will be willing to take the place of people who were so despicable and soulless? Who will trust anyone in a position of power; who would want to have that power; or, alternatively, who would be able to dismantle the machinery of deceit and murder before another group of equally evil people rejuvenate it? As Douglas Adams aptly pointed out in "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy," nobody who wants to have power should be in power. What will become of us, when we achieve our goal and the curtain is lifted from the ugly chain of false-flag-initiated wars of the past several thousand years?