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Judge Finds NYC Must Answer To Sending Workers Into Toxic Environments

FINALLY! This should be BIG news for First Responders all over the country. Nothing more than mere drywall masks were provided to most workers

Now if only someone can get that bitch Christine Whitman before the bench, we may get a foot in the door of the Whitehouse before the pResident escapes to his family's new 100,000 acre ranch in Paraguay.

"If even a minority of the plaintiffs suffered serious injuries to their respiratory tracts arising from the acrid air of September 11, their claims deserve to be heard when a recovery could make a difference in their lives… The scar to the public interest needs to be cleansed, speedily, in good time." the judge wrote in his opinion.

"The workers at the site were presented with a dangerous environment, below and surrounding their work activities, threatening their health and safety," the judge said.

“The fact-intensive nature of the issue makes its resolution unsuitable for resolution by motion,” Judge Hellerstein concluded. “Discovery, additional proceedings and a more extensive factual record, and perhaps a trial, will be required.”

Judge Hellerstein wrote that long after the attacks, there were "critical lapses in the enforcement of safety standards and in the dissemination of vital information about the safety of the air at Ground Zero to those most affected, the workers themselves."