Physics for 9/11

In my retirement I have been recording the entire highschool math curriculum for homeschoolers (and adults returning to fill in the gaps for themselves). Over the last couple of years I have added a physics course. (See it at https://mathwithoutborders.com.)

Now, as a service to the physics-interested 9/11 Truth community, I have created a 5-chapter subset of my physics course for free download. It covers measurement, motion, forces (Newton's Laws), energy, and momentum. The math level is algebra and some trigonometry, no calculus. (If you need to supplement your math background, I have that available too, at the above mentioned site!) To download the short course, go to https://911speakout.org/physics-tutorial/ and follow the link.

How to Use FaxForTruth.com to Send a Free Fax for 9/11 Truth


We received some comments that it might be a good idea to make a short tutorial explaining exactly what FaxForTruth.com is and how it works, so here it is.

Send a free fax over the internet for 9/11 truth or whatever cause inspires you.