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Web Ring for 9/11 Skeptics Unveiled

A new web ring connectiong web sites owned by individuals who question the official story of the attacks against the Pentagon and World Trade Center on September 11th, 2001 has just been launched.

Sites in the ring include those bearing evidence calling the official
story into question as well as any and all other sites whose owners wish to make a public display of solidarity with other questioners of the official narrative of the attacks.

Commercial sites, personal pages, blogs and others are welcome in this effort to display the staggering numbers of 9/11 skeptics and doubters.

Those wishing to join or tour the sites of the ring may do so by using a banner code found on the home page at http://www.xmail.net/nineelevenisalie/.

Joining is as simple as clicking the "join" tab on the bank, registering your web site and installing a purely HTML banner code on your home page.

Questions or comments about the ring or the site may be directed via e-mail to "nineelevenisalie ATSYMBOL xmail PERIOD net".