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Ex RN FAA Aircraft Artificer with double digit years of experience mostly on fast jets, Hunter, Sea Vixen, Phantom, Canberra but also piston types like Sea Devon, Sea Heron and Tiger Moth. Have flown in a number of these, also Sea Venom, Sea Prince and Sea King (helo) with hands on in Hunter, Tiger Moth and gliders. As artificer was responsible for airframe structure, hydraulic and pneumatic systems and also the engines. The wide ranging training included metal fitting, turning, welding, brazing, sheet metal work and aircraft finishes. Whilst in the field developed GRP techniques with polyester resin and epoxide based systems whilst on a special trials installation unit. Knowledge of aviation, including military, and materials made me question the OCT of 9/11 and my reading since, as well as participation and viewing of the better 9/11 inquiry sites (suchn as this one) has made me more confident in my views.

Fareham. Hants. UK