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Been looking for years, for a way to make sense of 911 and all the wars we've been starting. Decided I needed to get more informed about our president (always just wrote him off as of no account, hopeless). Read J.Hatfield's biography of Bush, "Fortunate Son" and got interested in finding out what happened after, to some of the main characters. The author allegedly committed suicide just after it was published ~ actually, it was published, then withdrawn and dropped by the publisher (all copies destroyed), then another publisher ( bought the rights and published... shortly after that the author died. Reading it, it was kind of hard to figure out what all the furor was about, it was very meticulous and well documented. So I went online to research Bill White and Jim Bath, BCCI. Canadian newspaper interview with Bill White was VERY INFORMATIVE and I looked for ages to see if Bill White ever showed up again after that (interview was 2003 I think). Instead, stumbled across "Loose Change" ~~~~~~~