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Being a skeptical person, right from the beginning I suspected that something was off about 9/11. But ALSO being a scientific person and lacking evidence, I cast my concerns to the back of my mind. The first time I heard abuot any real conspiracy theories was when a family member pointed out a rebuttal to Thierry Meyssan's book in Skeptic Magazine. That was in December of 2001. I couldn't care less if it appeared in Skeptic Magazine or not- I just didn't put much stock in those theories. After all, they were mostly conjecture and not based on any hard science or circumstantial evidence.

About a year and a half later when the Bush regime- and most Republicans in general, for that matter- conspired to limit the scope of the 9/11 investigation afterwards through the Kean Commission, my suspicions only increased. Yet, I still lacked any real evidence so I just sat back and waited for some to appear.

It wasn't until April of 2004 that I learned The Truth. On that fateful night, I turned on Larry King Live about half way through the show when Karen Hughes (one of Bush's longtime advisors) was hocking her new book. The call-in session had just started and my ears really perked up when one woman caller from California said something absolutely startling. She told Larry and his guest that her brother had been working at the World Trade Center during 9/11. She said that her brother reported that, on September 10th, the complex was cordoned off by federal agents and that bomb-sniffing dogs had been brought in to deal with some unspecified threat. She asked Larry and Karen if they had ever heard of this before now and why it had never appeared in any American news stories. She added that it had been covered by some non-American news sources, but that it was not reported on ever again since 9/11. Obviously, both Larry and his guest said they had never heard about these things before.

Right after the show ended, I did a series of Google searches and eventually found some mention of what happened the day before 9/11. But it was through serendipity, alone, that I learned The Truth about that horrible day. I happened to come across and some of Alex Jones's stuff about the collapse of Building 7, which I had obviously been completely unaware of until that time. After witnessing the collapse videos, I underwent an instant epiphany- the "red pill" event, as many in the movement describe it. When I realized that WTC 7 had been very clearly brought down by controlled demolition and that explosives would've had to have been placed weeks- if not months- beforehand, I immediately thought about the possibility of the same thing occurring at the two towers. Since I am such a tough sell, I wasn't absolutely convinced of a controlled demolition of WTC 1 and 2 until another 6-8 months later, but Building 7 is what definitely got the ball rolling for me in the first place.

I still remain utterly unconvinced about the Pentagon attack and don't know what to believe, since the government still holds all the cards- and the significant video footage- of what really occurred there. As one commentary stated in jest, a ham sandwich could've impacted the Pentagon for all that can be seen from the useless footage that has been released thus far.

I've long said it and I'll keep on saying it ad infinitum: the key to unravelling the flimsy case of the official storytellers and their dark masters, is in World Trade Center Building 7. All forces must be concentrated on that effort, where the defense of the official storytellers is weakest; and away from the Pentagon attack, where their defense is strongest and most concentrated.

Make no mistake about it: this is a WAR and wars can only be won by attacking and defending strategically, choosing your battles very carefully and meticulously. WTC 7 is a very soft target and has the strong potential to turn the tide of this war in favor of The Truth. This is the very first thing that should be mentioned during every single media appearance by someone in the movement. It should be at the very top of everyone's list and on the tips of everyone's tongues. If an interviewer ever asks, "What's the strongest single piece of evidence you say that supports that 9/11 was an inside job?", "World Trade Center Building 7" should be mentioned instantaneously. It should be an almost Pavlovian response.

I have no idea why Professor Fetzer has managed to avoid WTC 7 during every single one of his televised appearances thus far. Even in his written rebuttal on World Net Daily (which has been his best media effort, by far), WTC 7 was nowhere near the top of his list. The same thing goes for the Loose Change crew. Dylan Avery mentioned WTC 7 when he appeared on CBC's The Hour a few months ago, but that was only because the host luckily asked what was the singlemost compelling piece of evidence that could be presented to support an inside job. Sean Hannity and his ilk will certainly never throw a gopher ball to 9/11 Truth like that. That's why it is absolutely ESSENTIAL that those appearing in the media mention it without any prior prompting by the interviewers. What does a brief interjection of "Building 7" cost the interviewee? Nothing. The interviewer, on the other hand, will be forced to address what they're talking about- potentially changing the whole tenor and direction of the interview. Goddamnit, it's time for 9/11 Truth to go on the offensive during media apppearances!

Anyway, I think I've said enough for now. I comment on occasion when I feel the need to. Some days I'm very encouraged by the things I see coming out of the movement, but other days I get downright dejected. I just hope that nothing happens over the next month or two, which could force the US into some kind of military lockdown. Or worse.

The price of freedom is eternal vigilance and there is no time more critical than now to be vigilant, active and on alert. After all, being forewarned is being forearmed. The Truth must prevail- and it will. It just has to. There is no other option.

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