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I'm a long-time government lawyer. Early in my career I was a prosecutor. I am an activist politically and I am a health care advocate. I am the President of a national non-profit organization dealing with health and the environment.

About 8-9 months ago I stumbled across something on the web about WTC 7. I was stunned to learn that it had come down on 9-11. It was the key which turned and made sense of so many pieces of nonsense, like the Whitehouse refusing to conduct an official investigation for over 400 days, rushing to destroy all the evidence, the quick ID of the "perpetrators" but no efforts to find out more about them, including their sources of funding, the odd sense that "something" should have intervened to stop the "thing" that hit the Pentagon. The WTC 7 piece reminded me of the feeling I got when I read "Rush to Judgment" by Mark Lane about the Kennedy assassination - of course something else is going on here and it is really nefarious.

Yesterday's eulogy by Poppy Bush at the Ford funeral was the frosting on the cake. He used that opportunity (bizarre) to warn the public off of "conspiracy theorists" (referring to the Kennedy assassination and Ford's imprimatur on the Warren Commission concluding it was a lone gunman, i.e. that should be the last word since he was a man of such great integrity). It was foreshadowing the upcoming investigations by the Democrats and the Republican's expectations that 911 WILL be reinvestigated. (Just another "conspiracy theory" - just move along - the 911 Commission Report was just as good as the Warren Commission Report - just move along now.)